Borage Oil

Be positive, I take a Borage oil capsule occasionly, as this helps to vitalise the kidney function improving the adrenal glands ability to supply natural dopamine.

It also seems to lift my spirit when I have a cold.

Hello beauxreflets, I have to admit the only time I have heard of Borage Oil was when LULU was on QVC selling her anti ageing creams, she swears by it for holding back the wrinkles. I am glad to read Borage Oil is helping you please keep us informed.

All the best
Radz x
Hi Radar 47,

When first diagnosed I wanted to find a Natural way to improve levels, rather than using a refined medication in levadopa.

Knowing through experience that the adrenal glands can and do supply the brain directly, herbal remedies that improve kidney function seemed a natural way forward.

On the good to bad waves of fluctuation in PD; I find myself forgetting to take a capsule when feeling fine and then taking one a day at midday when I feel I need to revitalise my being.

Best of all Borage oil seems to lift away the odd bout of depression.

beauxrefletsthank you so much for explaining about Borage Oil, I think I shall track it down and get my brother to give it a go.

Many thanks again
Radz x
update to earlier post;

Knowing through experience, that the adrenal glands can and do supply the brain directly up through / via the cervical ganglion (running either side of the spine); herbal remedies that improve kidney function seemed a natural way forward.

I think I am correct in saying Borage Oil is sometimes sold under the name of Star Oil (named after the shape of the flower) Also please read up on the oil first and check with doctors that it is OK regarding your condition and health before taking any (simply as some food stuffs are not suitable for everyone).
Wouldn't dream of taking anything without consulting GP. I thank you again for the info.

Radz x
That's a shame, I was reading away thinking "That sounds like the very dab" when I happenchanced upon the fact that it feeds into the brain via the cervical ganglion, well, as a bloke, I don't have one of them.

Next time I'm coming back as a woman. As I keep telling Mrs Eck, "You don't know your ruddy born".

Or is my brain fed through my prostate?

Or can I get an operation to connect my kidneys to my brain, or is it already awash with ... hang on maybe I think I know what the problem is in males with pd. I'm off to the patent office and then i'm going to pm dr brien. See if we cant fast track this with some trials on crims (OK watching too much DCI Banks - sorry just gave away the entire plot).
My fault for reading, stating the term given / stated upon a few diagrams of the nervous system (viewed online :flushed:); for the nerve ganglions running up to the brain not via the central nerve running down through the spine!

Just check it out for your self!! :grin:
OOOh! If my wording made you laugh so be it, as laughter is a good medicine too.

I was only joking. I looked up the cervical ganglion (located either side of the 3rd and 4th (or was it 2nd and 3rd - cant remember) vertebrae) before I made my post.

I try to be funny sometime, doesn't always work. (some say you could take the word "always" out of that last sentence, to whom I say "bleep").

But I'm off to find some Borage Oil.

Thanks for the info. I'll let you know if it does me good.
I hope it works for you.

The fact that I am now happily using a lower dose of Stalevo, is either down to the physiotherapy I have,the Borage Oil or the combination of both!

And if this slows down the advance in PD for others - I will be chuffed to bits :grin: