Borderline Parkinson's

Hello everyone.
I've been getting treatment now for 2 years for Dystonia.
But following a deterioration in movements, an increase in tremors and rigidity in my right arm my consultant sent my for a FP-CIT scan.
The result of the scan was reported as borderline, which means as this stage they cannot rule Parkinson's Disease out.
My next appointment with the consultant is not until October.
I have tried to research borderline Parkinson's but can't find anything.
Has anyone else had this report?
It must be worrying not having a clear diagnosis. havent heard borderline PD used as a label but i can imagine being told the results were borderline. I have never heard of that scan either, could you mean SPECT scan?

One of the difficulties with PD is that there is no test that proves conclusively if we have Parkinsons. Alot of research is focused on this problem.

You could try a google search on Diagnosing PD. This is the link to the PUK information on it.
Thank you for the advice. Yes it was a SPECT scan.
I am a little worried and think I need to speak to my consultant.