Bored !,

After having to give up my job, due to travelling  long distances to secure new temporary contracts and in part due to the high levels of stress involved I find I am bored out my tree. I have gone from working since the age of 16 , contributing by paying taxes etc braved going to university at 40 got a decent well paid job , dx at 47 . still working got new partner a few years later no partner no job.....scrapheap .   I am now in the process of rebuilding my life but for heavens sake I dont want to play dominoes, bingo, indoor or outdoor bowing or any other game or listen to "lectures" on the menu available from Wiltshire farm foods at my local Parkinsons club....I want to go canoeing , get up a team to take part in the boxing day raft race in Matlock bath in short I want a life with little adventures.  I am so frustrated  !!,,,,  I am disabled shake a bit but I am just a few days away from 55 not 95, I am still an intelligent woman with aspirations and dreams. Rant over.......

I go to my local leisure centre swimming pool sauna steam room great takes my day up aswell walk dog.i had same problem finished work at 42 .

Thanks Gus,,  Just had a look at local pool they have sauna and treatments.  I need to get fitter swimming then sauna , yes sounds great.  I have just booked in for Russian lashes to be done.  struggle with tremor to apply mascara end up looking like Johnny deep in pirate's of the carribean!   they are waterproof, chlorine proof and no need to use mascara feel better already !,,,!,   I am going to take a deep breath and rejoin the real world and perhaps  I will overcome my fear of rejection due to my new health status. Time to stop bleating,   

Hi Tee Hee.  Love your attitude, I think that's a massively positiveway of thinking.  I say go out and grab life and get on that raft.....I'd be interested in joining you!


Teehee I think you're allowed a rant or two. I fully agree with you. There's not much info for younger PD sufferers. I think PD UK are doing a more comprehensive section for young working age PDS. Hopefully we'll get some positive ideas. Get those lashes on and get out there. Sometimes a bit of moaning makes you sit up and think about what you can do rather than what you can't do anymore.


I like the idea of Canoeing and yes ive been along to a group 'singing' 'dancing' and other 'stereo typical'  isn't me or who i want too be or turn into , someone asked me once ''dont you get bored'' No I don't this is the Only life I have.

Be you who want too be.

Hi all thank you for your comments xxxx  If anyone wants to take part in an adventure then lets all go mad in Matlock.  At best we can be on that raft left hand tremors on one side right hand the other will be fast strong and most important stay afloat .  Failing that we could put an entry in the matlock illuminations, the world is our lobster 

Buzbyc  you may regret this but how about getting a top team together , theres the divineR gal seems like we may have a start .??.

Aye aye trouble 

bored is normally someone who is a bit lazy as there is always something to do , we are fast growing a generation that needs entertainment !! No contentment , aye about now your probably thinking cheeky bugger but am right !! Ha ha !! Tooraloo

Lord o the highlands x

Husband is the one with PD...but I am the one struggling with the diagnoisis! I am soooo angry about it? Its 6 months since we found out.I thought it would get easier as time went on but I am finding it harder.I get so angry and so upset at times,is this normal? I look at other people,friends living their lives and planning things without any cares.Every day is different for us now. We dont know what the future holds.....I am a normally placid easy going person but this anger I now have is tearing me apart. How long will it take for me to accept this PD ? Help please?

Hi babesbrown, 

Things must be really difficult for you both right now, sorry you're feeling so upset. Please consider calling our Helpline for advice on managing the strain and possible support for you both. You can call free on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm. It may also be useful to look into support in your local area here: Hope this helps.

Take care, 


Moderation Team



Not  an expert but some would argue that such a devastating event evokes a grieving process where there are 5 steps denial anger bargaining   depression and then acceptance.  It normal to feel the way you do.  In a positive view you are acknowledging your feelings not keeping them hidden away.  I sometimes think with PD we start to appreciate the good days as they are valuable to us maybe even more inclined to do the things we had not yet got round to .  Yes other " healthy" people may not seem to have a care in the world but maybe they dont   appreciate what they have.  I always used to look at my ex husband as one of those types he died at 59 of a heart attack leaving behind a list of so many things he wanted to do but thought he had the time.  Give yourself time if you can have a break with your partner or just an outing try not to  put life on hold .  I wish you both happiness , x

Think you may have missed the point I was trying to get over the message that just because you have parkinsons people should not assume  that you want to take up hobbies like knitting.  The local Parky club do not have any events activities that appeal.  Lazy cos I am bored , I would argue the opposite I want to do something exciting rather than sit about.  Keeping busy, filling your time is not the same as having the desire to do something challenging.  I have taken on challenges since I was 16  nothing new there PD makes it more difficult thats all and I get frustrated.  Some people dont seek challenges its not about being entertained its about living life to the full.  I have always had this character and dont see why I have to change now just because I have PD. I used to drive a response car in the police, I worked on a Child protection unit, blah blah went travelling on my own .  I miss the excitement of a busy life and its up to me to make it more of a buzz which is why I like sending you messages you  cheeky buggar ! Anyway why cant you join me on a raft? X   

I've seen the film severance raft no chance 

Teehee...thanks for replying...I know what you mean about grieving. ..its like a part of who we are has been taken from us when we didnt agree to it.....I joined the local PD group and they are lovely people but all have PD to a greater degree that my husband at the moment and they are all older. We are 60. The group meet for coffee once a month but nothing else more exciting. ...I feel at the moment I would love to meet people in the same age group as us who we can meet . We both still work and unfortunately the people I work with are all moaners and woe me types! I am a good listener and somehow seem to attract the people who want to off load ......when really I want to tell them to shut up and look at what they have......maybe it does get easier living with this PD...only time will tell... X
Hi Babesbrown., I think the Moderation Team are right. Ring them and maybe you can let it all out. I read your posts with interest as I can see that my husband is struggling with the diagnosis. He's very snappy with everyone and I think is feeling the strain. He's thinking of the future and things he needs to have in place whereas I'm taking one day at a time. I've mentioned therapy to him but as of yet he hasn't done anything. You're obviously a great support to your husband and sound like you're doing your best.

Ha Ha !  x

I watched a situation comedy show some time ago the main character was being used as an emotional dumping ground.  He responded with the line " have you confused me with someone who is interested?"  of course you could say it sounds like you are having a tough time, I am too and then change the subject.  I think in your situation shut up is a bit mild, big grin You could put a new topic with anyone near me etc  I did but only got one reply, but you may do better.  x

Babebrown I'm nearly ten years in and still going strong I've had my ups and downs believe me , i think you look at life a totally different way and the best thing that happened to me was losing 7stone and getting fit i feel that I'm top at moment. The key with pd is to fight it stay fit eat better and really go for life more holidays stop stressing i know what your thinking but there's alot of new meds out there i think pduk will beat this or stop it in its tracks and that's coming from someone who was dx at 36 jack the lad party animal now with wires in my brain. My wife finds it best to leave me alone when i have my down moments then i realize how much i love my children and most of all my wife .be strong your be ok



Decided to do as others do as messages out of sequence  and name recipient!,  Hope you feeling better,  gus  at 10yrs me at 8yrs others on forum doing well.  yes I agree with gus  excercise really important look up john pepper on the net , look up D3 vitamin and B12 most people with pd short of vit D worth having it checked out.  Take Care and remember you have support here.