Botox for limb dystonia?

Hi out there!

My consultant has referred my to the Botox clinic, to try and relieve my numb left arm and leg. Has anyone else heard of this if so did it work?


Hello nittyboo, how'd you get on with botox?

Aye nitty boo 

can't help but would love to hear how it goes . Please let us know good luck lassie 

ian x

Hi Jeddy, Sorry for late reply only just been back on here! I never had the botox in the end I had a new consultant who thought it best to manipulate my arm rather than injections. To be honest my physio has worked, my arm swings freely and it no longer hangs there lifeless. ON really bad days though its a bit stiff still !


Hi Ldj,

I ended up having a new consultant at a different hospital, and she was keen not to go down the botox route but to free my arm with physio. It has worked and does swing more naturally although there are days you know i expect!.... that nothing is free and everything is a struggle! I have had a cold for 4 weeks and totally off my feet it just wont go!

Aye ther nittyboo

good to hear your getting physio , not sure what Botox would have been like as for the cold as soon as they start giving out flew jabs everyone takes I'll   !!   Well you take care nice to hear from you

tooraloo Ian xx

We are going to the Botox clinic for apraxia of the eyelids. Did it help for you?