Has anyone undergone or are undergoing Botox injections to treat shortened/tight muscles. My husband’s hamstrings have tightened so much he can no longer straighten his legs and it is stopping him standing and walking. He has been referred to St George’s in London, due to be seen in June. Looking to hear other’s experiences Thank you

I have undergone Botox injections on my upper back and neck to treat shortened/tight muscles and it has helped me a lot. I have also done physical therapy, but nothing compares to the results I got from the Botox injections.

I was told by my doctor that it takes about 6 months for the full effect of this drug to be felt and after that, you need to get another round of injections, which I did.

I think this treatment is ideal for people who suffer from chronic headaches, and shoulder and back pain.

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Hi. I suffer from Pisa syndrome which pulls me down to the right. I am to h ave an EMG shortly to see whether. i am a suitable candidate for Botox injections.Good to hear that they can be successful in alleviating pain. Here’s hoping I can have them, and if I do, that they work. Good luck to both, to you Cindyforcia and to your husband,Plus1.x

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Thank you ElleMac and I hope the Botox treatment is successful for you also.

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Yes, botox injections are suitable for shortened muscles. Many think Botox is used for cosmetic operations and for those who want to keep their youth.

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Thankyou Oliver for your interest and comment, welcome to the forum.
It seems trying to find someone to carry out the injections is proving problematic. The clinician at St George’s was more concerned my husband loose weight plus referred him to yet another orthopeadic consultant, but the hope remains.

But Botox is a versatile thing. My uncle took Botox injections in the shortened back muscles and legs and didn’t feel tension. Maybe your husband is experiencing phantom pains. I can’t know for myself about the effect of botox on shortened muscles. I use it in the crease between the eyebrows. After 35, I got a deep wrinkle there. And I started injecting Botox in My colleagues often talk about this clinic.

What reasons might there be for someone not being suitable for Botox? Also, who would normally prescribe it - nurse, GP, consultant? I’m looking for something to help my friend’s severely clenched hands. Thanks.

Hello Chris
I do not know what the actual reasons for not giving Botox might be. In my husbands case it was the specialist doctor at St George’s hospital who decided she didn’t think my husband was a suitable candidate. At the time she stated his weight was a major draw back and he should seek help to loose weight from his GP. She also wanted the input of an orthopeadic consultant from the same health trust.
As for finding someone who will administer Botox medically look (in the U.K.) for clinics that treat spasticity and/or cerebal palsy in your area. Good luck with finding someone for your friend.

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to reply, your information is useful. We’re in the Glasgow area, if anyone can give us some more specific ideas of who to contact.

Hi there! I haven’t had Botox injections for shortened or tight muscles, but I have had it for cosmetic reasons, and I can definitely say that it boosted my confidence.

As for finding someone to administer Botox medically, it’s important to look for clinics that specialize in treating spasticity or cerebral palsy in your area. I hope you can find a suitable candidate for his treatment. I know how essential it is to find a good clinic with excellent specialists. Personally, I’ve been thinking about getting a tummy tuck procedure at Visage Clinic in Toronto. I’ve been doing my research, and they seem to have great reviews. Check out their website if you’re interested: Best of luck!

I haven’t personally used Botox for tight muscles, but I do know a friend who underwent the procedure for a similar issue with his calves, and he saw improvement after a few sessions. It wasn’t a miracle fix, but it did ease the tension.

I’ve been using this kind of Argireline for my wrinkles, and it has had a great effect. It’s a peptide that acts similarly to Botox but is typically used for cosmetic purposes.