Bowel and urine issues.

First time to forum! husband has quite advanced Alzheimer’s and recently diagnosed with Parkinson symptoms. He is having real problems with constipation last few months completely unlike him and and keeps missing the toilet bowl and just wees on the toilet mat. Are these normal issues with Parkinson I am very new to all this.

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First time also, I’m sorry about your husbands problems,. I’m not sure if his particular bladder problem is Parkinson’s related, although i think it may be an eyesight problem which can be down to Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in dec 2014. It affects everybody in different ways. I have bladder problems, sometimes cannot get to the toilet on time , so I’m night time incontinent, i really think your husbands problems may be more to do with Alzheimer’s than the Parkinson’s. Check it with your Parkinson’s nurse or gp. I wish you good luck.

Constipation is often a symptom of Parkinson’s. I never used to have this problem before PD. I was told to take a daily laxative as constipation can hinder PD medication’s effectiveness.

Hello tuffydawn.
Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of interesting topics and friends to share your woes and concerns with and hopefully, sometimes bring a smile to your face.
i`m not about to tell you that your husbands toilet problems, are or are not linked to his current illnesses,I will leave that to the Professionals.
However, what I will share with you (as an older gentleman myself) is you will probably find his missing the toilet bowl is more down to his age and lack of pressure, rather than his aim. I have had several goes at explaining what happens without getting graphic and deleted it, suffice to say it goes in several directions and not where you are aiming.
Its a common for us gents as we get older but he needs to have his prostate examined by your GP as a separate issue.
I hope this gives you a little peace of mind and understand its very personal and not a subject easily discussed.
Best wishes.

Sitting down to pee will help.