Bowel Habit

Has anyone else found they have had a change in their bowel movements .

Is it caused from the Parkinsons or the medication .

My husband tummy rumbles very loudly and he is getting a lot more wind .

Never ever needed to use laxatives but does now .
I've been waiting to see if anyone else replied to this Johnnie because I killed a thread stone dead the last time I wrote about it.
I find that no matter what time I wake up (any time between 2-5am) I need to open my bowels within half an hour of getting up. Then I usually need to again after I have eaten breakfast. I've been told this is because the normal movement of matter along the gut is slowed by pd.
Hello Jonnie,

Constipation is a great problem for pwp's, people need to drink plenty of water as this can make quite a difference, my husband has had problems with this for many years and he has Movical twice a day. It is so important to keep the bowels moving as if not you will have problems with the absorption of medication and have problems switching on. Constipation is a huge topic of conversation in most branches, so it important to find the right food that helps you, I always find chocolate raisins are very good but it could be something else for you. Just to let you know that my husband always get more wind with Madopar Dispersal I don't know if that is how it is for other pwp's.
best wishes
Thank you for replying .

My husband meds are Sinemet and the Rotigotine patch . He has never been prescribed any other med for his Parkinsons . He started on the Movical a while ago after he was having a big problem with just passing windy water . It has been a great help but I am trying not for him to have to rely on it .

I have cut some of his fruit down and also not given him a hot drink especially first thing in the morning . He also finds Chocolate helps and has had a sweeter tooth recently .. Will have go with the choc raisins .

Another lady whom I have befriended since Parkinsons also uses the Movical . It can sometimes be difficult to use it if it is a day when he wants to go out . Which unfortunately isn't very often .

Awaiting a knee op so hoping that will change lol Once again thank you ..
I keep offering him water and he has a glass next to him at all times .
Hi Jonnie,

My husband has been on movical for about 4 years and is allowed 4 sachet's per day, it is much better to use them then have the pain and discomfort also the pd drugs don't work so well if constipated. Some other options are stewed fruit and things like linseed on your cereal but be careful as they don't suit everyone. I hope that helps a little.
best wishes
Thanks Vivian . Will remember the stewed fruit , my husband likes that , I will try the linseed as well . I use to use them myself at one time . as always you are very helpful Vivian . It's one of the reasons I like coming on here , If I find something works for us I wasnt to share it with others and visa versa of course .
Hi Jonnie,

Just another thought have you tried apricots if you get the dried ones put them in a little water and soak overnight then have them on cereal or just on their own, you could also get some dates they are very good.
best of luck
I have noticed that recently I should be thinking about the amount of roughage in my diet.... wholemeal bread and fruit like apricots ... dates..I think I posted something about wholemaeal bread... The nurse recommended 2 litres of water a day ...I am not sure I have ever managed drimk that amount.

Actually my consultant prescribed Movicol and told me I would need it was especially good for Parkinson people! I now find it very good and dont need it very often but I am glad its there if necessary.(I hadnt even mentioned 'constipation'!

Its these non motor aspects of Parkinsons that are so trying...I never had dandruff so bad that my hair thins out...

Hi Johnnie
I have the old problem of not having a movement for days - sometimes as long as 10 - 12 days. My Specialist said that its a change of muscle movement and strength in the bowels. He precribed liquid Sennacot - it does work after a fashion but takes a day or two. Before taking a dose at night, I have to work out where I am going for the next few days. If I am going out, then I dont take it. I do not think it would be helpful for me to be caught in the middle of the High Street.!!!!
Hope your problem eases soon

Hello Chunky,
You shouldn't need to be like that you would be much better taking a movical every morning or evening or even every other day. My husband gets a severe pain in his left side when his medication is wearing off and our consultant said it is the worse case she has seen, he has had all the tests and it is due to PD which of course is reasonable when you think the bowel is a huge muscle really, the problem is pd medication doesn't work too well when you are constipated.
best of luck
HHi Vivian
Thanks for the info. I mentioned Movical to the consultant but he said to try Senakot first - not much difference. Will speak again to him when I see him
Ta ever so
I have a slightly different problem; constipation fro a few days, then its non-stop for a day or so. My solution is a big handful of sultanas! Just as they are out of the packet seems to work for me, for a few days at least. Maybe give it a go? I had some soaking in brandy for my Christmas cake last week and that was much nicer than Movicol!
I haven't read all the replies, so I hope I am not repeating information already out there. I was told to expect constipation from the PD, rather than from the medication. That expectation was true. This was, for sure, a change in habits. Prior to diagnosis, my day was planned around my bowels. I suffered from runner's diahorrea, the old Aztec 2-step, Montazuma's revenge, and it made life difficult. Then my hand tremor started. Diagnosis PD. As much as I hate having PD, I am grateful for the constipation as I can go for 3 mile walks or runs without having to plan it around the availability of public washrooms. Michael J. Fox (my hero) said that PD was the best thing that happened to him. I totally disagree, except for that one small gift that has given me my freedom to go where I want to go, without worrying about toileting.

Hope I didn't gross you out.
I have a similar problem to emswife. Constipated for several weeks, with difficulty passing hard, sometimes painful stools which often cause bleeding. Then, for no apparent reason, the complete opposite for several days; regular and very sudden passing of clear, watery fluid accompanied by much wind. I do not take any medication for the constipation, but I do take Loperamide to clear up the watery motions, especially if going out anywhere. After 2 or 3 days it's back to several weeks of constipation.
Potter90210 has had a great idea on this very subject. I'm not trying to turn us into Jakies, but what about Guinness. If you dont want the alchohol you can boil tat off prety quickly, or try mulled Guinness instead.

With bowel probs its easy to get int the habit of "if its too runny" (soz everyone, hope you arent at our tea)stop drinking, Instead drink more and through some fibre at the problem.
Pleased do not ignore any sign of constipation.

In March last year my OH was admitted to hospital with a complete blockage of their colon. This was resolved by a sigmoidoscopy.

In June the same thing happened and the consultant told us that,there was now a weakness and susceptibility in that part of the colon, and that this would recur regularly.

As my OH was relatively young, but has had Parkinsons for almost 15 year they decided to operate; so, removal of the sigmoid colon, a stay in HDU and 3 weeks in hospital which took 3 months to recover from.

A blip in November, when we thought it had happened again, and still some problems if Movicol is not taken regularly.

Our final consultation was a few weeks ago and, although a blockage canot recur in the sigmoid colon it is not 100% guaranteed that it will not happen in another part of the colon in the future.

If this should happen they would proably not be as fortunate as last time when thankfully a stoma was not needed, though we were told at the time to expect this.

So, please,do not ignore constipation,it can become very serious, even life threatening.

I now keep a careful watch for any sign that their medication is not being absorbed properly, this is a great indicator of a possible problem building up.

Muscles, both externally and internally are affected by Parkinsons.

My OH still needs their regular Movicol despite adding helpful foods to their usual diet.

Finally, Senekot is considered to be a harsh remedy and, we were advised, not for long term use.

Lactulose is another effective medication for constipation but Movicol sachets are far easier to use, when we are away, than bottles of liquid.
I rely on liquorice, particularly Pontefract cakes, works wonders but it does take a couple of days to start the process.