Bowel incontinence

Does anyone have any problems with bowel incontinence? I’m a carer for my husband who has had PD about 8 years. In the past six months he has been having episodes were he can’t always control a bowel movement. It’s also very distressing as he has said he’s sometimes unaware he’s doing it. I’ve had yet another extremely stressful episode today where we were out walking and he said he needed the loo. I drove him straight home but as soon as he got out of the car I knew it was too late. Without going into detail I then had to clean him up and wash him etc, which was extremely unpleasant for me and upsetting for us both. His other issue is constipation. I’ve been in touch with the continence clinic who are going to get him a referral. In the meantime I’d appreciate it if anyone would share their experiences of this most distressing problem (especially from a carer’s stance). Thank you.

Hello Jean, I have the same problem, I used to walk my dog, but after a few episodes when I never made it home I don’t go out now, if you have an occupational therapist they can organise a Gerberit shower toilet, I have had mine 3 years and though it does not stop it happening, it is so much better for my dignity and would help a career like it does my husband, the only thing that works for my constipation is ducolax, as I can’t drink enough for the powders, I just don’t go far from the loo next day.

Hello Eunice, thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you are also suffering from this most unpleasant symptom. It seems such a shame you no longer go out but totally understand how stressful it must be. Thank you for the info re shower toilet. I will make enquiries with Occupational Therapy tomorrow. Best wishes to you and your husband. Jean