Boxing 1st ever time in the ring

Call me the pink warrior…hahhahhah NOT!!! today I attended my 1st ever boxing session, I was sooo nervous walking through the doors of Elite Boxing in Bolton. Scot the trainer asked me about my PD and what I find difficulty with. My tremor in my right arms was going mad this seems to happen to me when I am nervous we discussed core exercises, stretches, posture and I even had my 1st ever spar in the ring wearing gloves hitting pads… when I left the gym I sat in my car and cried I felt for the 1st time since my diagnosis so in control. I drove away with my new Pink boxing gloves feeling so happy…I have started my Instagram page “chantellsJourney” please follow me I will post everything I can from my training and improvements. Elite boxing in Bolton offer free boxing and wellbeing session to people over 50 Fridays at 13-00


Well done. I must see if there’s something near me. Also tbats great they offer free sessions. Alot of good exercise classes can be expensive. Good luck with your next sparring bout!

Chantell so good to hear you enjoyed your session and will find it useful on this journey. I will add you on Instagram to keep up with your progress.

Take care :blush:

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I am very envious, I have always wanted to do boxing but just never lived near a suitable club. Anyway, now I have had DBS, I would be reluctant to take it up.

Good for you!

So pleased it is going well, keep going lady pink. Xx

I have thought about going back to boxing.
I used to kickbox semi professionally and I taught it for over 20 years .
I lost my flexibility about five years ago so I stopped teaching.
Now I can barely get my feet from dragging so kicking is out of the question.
I can’t skip anymore either.
Before my diagnosis I joined a walking football club.
I had a couple of years enjoying that before my balance started to go and l was getting terrible cramps. Both as I now know due to Parkinson’s.
So now from a marathon running,football playing,kickboxing PE teacher i now am restricted to walking my toddler grandson and pointing and shouting for my PE lessons.
Part of my anti Parkinson’s strategy for me is that if Parkinson’s takes something,then I don’t want what I can’t have.
It’s my way of dealing with it.


Good job Chantell75. I like Pink Fairtex boxing gloves. Research indicates boxing can improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms, is it true? I heard a lot about Parkinson. My Aunt was diagnosis one month ago. Can she do boxing as a workout? Boxing gym/fitness club is suitable for her? I have a Title Heavy Boxing Bag for my training, can she workout on it or not? Here is the guide which boxing gloves are suitable for my Aunt? Can you suggest me?

I hope you haven’t revived this old thread just to promote your website…