Boxing Ipswich


I am thinking of trying this boxing for Parkinson’s class in Ipswich anyone fancy it ?


I go twice a week in the USA. Great program. You will physically multitask,have to do eye and hand cordination, foot work through obsticals, helps on your strength, brings up your heart rate, Causes your brain to produce more receptor cells, and creates fellowship. (has no effect on spelling) IMO better than taking more pills.


I currently attend the original and first Rock Steady Boxing gym, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have medication, which helps my tremor but there is no pill that gives me the confidence that this gym and workout does.
If you go to the website, you will find videos and information. One of the coaches at the New York City affiliate said something that I thought was perfect. “People with Parkinson’s, don’t know what they can do. We have to SHOW them what they can do” There is someone in my class, who walked in with a walker. He is now one of the strongest people in the class.


I’m going on 10th and really looking forward to it-see you there