Hi, most people on here seem to report having a tremor, amongst other things. Do many of you have bradykinesia, with no tremor?

Hi Twinks,

I saw my neurologist last Week. For the first time she mentioned bradykinesia. Until then  I had thought of it as Akynesia (muscle freeze).

apparently bradykinesia is one of the most common symptoms of PD and is defined as - "Slowness of motion. The individuals movements become increasingly slow and over time muscles may randomly freeze".

So that's what I have as well as Distonia, akynesia, diskinesia, inner tremor, fatigue, excess saliva, general malaise and facial muscle pull. But heh-ho.

I don't know how tremor is defined? I get inner tremor as though all my nerve system is charged with static. I've never had external or visible tremor (the well observed Parkinsons shake). That must be awful.

By the way I asked my neurologist about Macuna Pruriens for me; she was quite dismissive. Her view being that the dopamine in them will simply be absorbed by the gut. Apparently there is as much, if not more dopamine in broad beans But they are not my favourite food. But good luck with the Macuna and if it works that's great.






Hi Jules77,

Thanks for the reply. You certainly have a lot to cope with. What meds do you take and do they work for you? 

Your neurologist is totally misinformed about Mucuna Pruriens, if she said it contained dopamine. It doesn't! MP is a natural source of Levadopa and along with Carbidopa, will get absorbed into the brain. I agree that some of it will go in the gut. That's why I drink strong green tea all the's a natural source of Carbidopa and helps the Mucuna work.

I still have bradykinesia (slow movement)......usually have more control in the evenings. But I feel much clearer headed and generally in better shape, than on conventional meds. Each to his own, I suppose and whatever works for us.

It annoys me that neurologists just dismiss MP out of hand, when they don't even bother to get their facts correct. 

Good health to you anyway and I hope you keep posting.


My wife has Bradykinsea and a slight tremor we think sinemet has helped her tremor. She also suffers with fatigue,balance,low blood pressure and bladder problems she also has trouble with her speech, and pins and needles in her gums and stiff shoulders

Hi Twinks,

I should have used the word sceptical rather than dismissive. I was being a bit unfair. Also she said that levodopa converts to dopamine in the brain, she didn't say that MP contained dopamine but merely referred to it as levedopa. So I must put that right, sorry to mislead you.

I'm on Madopar 5 x 125 (with a bit of variability) plus a 125 CR at night. I've tried all but one of the agonists and exception they all had bad side effects, some very bad. It's been suggested I could try Amantadine (the anti flu drug) but it can affect cognitive skills, so I'm reluctant to try it as my cognitive abilities are still good, although I have given up on advanced Quantum Mechanics.

DBS has also been mooted but at nearly 78, I'm not sure I want to go down that road.

Bradykinesia is a very common symptom and I have it quite badly. As I said I had put it all down to Akinesia.

I might give MP a try and I like green tea, which I often have as an antioxidant.

Have a nice Easter



Hi again Jules77,

Absolutely no need to apologise. I'm afraid I do get on my high horse about neurologists not entertaining alternative meds.!

I have only tried the agonist Ropinirole, but didn't like the side effects, so gradually came off it. My friend has just started Amantadine and noticed that her walking has improved.......didn't know it could affect cognitive skills though. She won't like that!

Happy Easter to you too and best wishes.