Brain Scans

Hi, Just any knowledge of this kind of thing :-
OH seen private Neuro who said he would request a MRI scan through his GP so he could have it at Local Hospital on NHS.
My OH discussed this with his GP (well not his actual GP as he's never available these days) so another doctor at the surgery.
He told her that he did not want to have the scan and would discuss it further with the Neuro he is seeing privately at his next appointment in April. So she said that was fine.
This morning he receives a letter from the local hospital for a CT scan for next week. I contacted the hospital said it was discussed that my OH didn't want the scan until he further discusses it with his private Neuro.
The hospital said it was requested by my OH's GP (his official GP) yes the invisible man. My OH is really upset that he discussed all this and got ignored, but also it was a MRI scan he Neuro wanted him to have not a CT scan, so what's all that about?????? love hols xxx
it might depend on what equipment your local hospital has, they are two ways of doing the same thing:
Advantages of head CT

CT is much faster than MRI, making it the study of choice in cases of trauma and other acute neurological emergencies
CT can be obtained at considerably less cost than MRI, and is sufficient to exclude many neurological disorders
CT is less sensitive to patient motion during the examination. because the imaging can be performed much more rapidly
CT may be easier to perform in claustrophobic or very heavy patients
CT provides detailed evaluation of cortical bone
CT allows accurate detection of calcification and metal foreign bodies
CT can be performed at no risk to the patient with implantable medical devices, such as cardiac pacemakers, ferromagnetic vascular clips, and nerve stimulators
Advantages of head MRI

MRI does not use ionizing radiation, and is thus preferred over CT in children and patients requiring multiple imaging examinations
MRI has a much greater range of available soft tissue contrast, depicts anatomy in greater detail, and is more sensitive and specific for abnormalities within the brain itself
MRI scanning can be performed in any imaging plane without having to physically move the patient
MRI contrast agents have a considerably smaller risk of causing potentially lethal allergic reaction
MRI allows the evaluation of structures that may be obscured by artifacts from bone in CT images

having had both mri is less unpleasant unless you are claustrophobic. ct can be quite difficult for pd patients ie turning over.
WOW!!! turnip,
You certainly know your stuff, Thanks for all that detailed information, I will file it for future reference. It sounds as if our GP is saving his pennies, as there are 3 MRI scanners in our region one at our local hospital and a further 2 at a little distance away but well within easy reach.
I find it strange that a Neurologist wants a patient to have a MRI scan, and a GP makes the decision to offer a CT scan instead, and especially for a PWP? because like you say it can be difficult.
The GP obviously knows very little about PD, hence why the specialist in this field should not be overruled.
I have noticed this with our GP a lot, he sent me to see a Gyno, and said if I needed a ultra sound scan, he would leave that to the Gyno to arrange, I thought how strange that was? because all it did was inconvenience me having to attend more unnecessary appointments. Sorry Harping on now, I don't think they give a dam anymore, thanks Turnip your a star, love hols x
Im sorry your husband feels his GP ignored his wishes. I think its more likely a systems fault rather than the GP not taking any notice. You probably need to discuss this all with the GP Hollytreeto find out the reasons.

A patient undergoing a CT scan lies on a platform which is passed through a cylindrical machine. The process lasts 10 -15 minutes, is and is totally painless.

An MRI is performed in a similar way to a CT scan - the patient usually enters a cylindrical machine. However, an MRI scan tends to last longer, and can last up to 45 minutes. An MRI machine also makes a rather loud noise. In some cases, the patient will be injected with a dye, helping the technician to make the image even clearer.
i agree you should discuss it with you gp (or get a new one). mri is better for picking up tumours which may be what your neuro wants checking. sometimes ct uses iodine injections which feels quite peculiar and (very rarely) has unpleasant side effects (ie death).mri is slow noisy and claustrophobic. swings and roundabouts.