Branded v Generic Co-careldopa

I have touched on this topic before concerning different generic forms of co-careldopa. As I explained I found major differences in terms of efficacy and side-effect profiles with different brands. Apparently GPs can only describe generics in general terms rather than specific manufacturers. This evidently changes with branded drugs such as SINEMET which must be s supplied if specified. As anyone had A GOOD experience with SINEMET and whose symptoms have got worse with generics? I am looking for consistency of effectiveness which cannot be achieved by random generic prescriptions and all the variability that entails.


Sorry, I can’t help with your query, but I am interested as I have much the same problem - I think. I have been on co-beneldopa (Madopar) for nearly 18 months, and given the generic drug most times. My regular pharmacy gave me Madopar a year ago, and for the first few days, I felt it wasn’t working as well. I have changed pharmacies and they gave me the branded version for my latest prescription, and again, I’m not feeling too good.
I do wonder if it is my imagination, so was interested to read your query. I am not the only one. And my new pharmacy will supply the generic going forward.

I can’t really comment as regards PD medicines as I have only been on Sinemet. But as an epileptic the doctor prescibes generic meds but does feel it is best to keep with the same brand. As I have a very good chemist who knows me, they do get me the same ones each time where humanly possible. I also make sure that I have a month’s supply at home when I schedule a repeat prescription reorder, which helps if there any distribution problems etc .

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I tend to be prescribed different brands of co-careldopa for each prescription (every two months) and I do notice that I frequently have an adjustment period to the change which is never a great thing. I have no idea why but there is one brand that really doesn’t work for me (Somex). I’m quite sure that somebody will tell me that the ingredients are exactly the same as in other brands but I always notice a big difference in terms of reduced symptom control with this brand. Luckily, whatever my GP may think about my observations he has been willing to ask the chemist for me not to have this brand.
I personally feel that Sinemet works the best for me but a request for Sinemet only is going to be met with a resounding ‘no’ so eliminating the worst offenders seem to be my best bet.
The problem, of course, is that there are so many other reasons for fluctuations that I can easily be convinced that I’m incorrect :roll_eyes:.

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I cant speak for Sinemet but experienced problems with generic Mirapexin. I have my pills made up each week by the chemist into a pillbox so I don’t know the brand I’m being given. However I could tell almost straight away when they started using generic Mirapexin. Overnight I noticed that my drugs were not lasting as long, I was having stomach cramps and I couldn’t find any other reasons for these events. I asked chemist and he confirmed that they were generic. After digging on the internet and asking chemist questions, I approached my consultant and he wrote a letter to my doctor stating I must have the branded Mirapexin. The symptoms
Generic drugs are not identical. Chemical differences occur. Copied off internet " to get a stamp of approval from the FDA, a generic medication must be “bioequivalent” to its brand-name counterpart. This means that chemically the two must be pretty much the same, although makers are allowed 20% variation in the active ingredient from that original formula." There are more detailed explanations but its not surprising that problems are experienced.

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