My Mum finds it a challenge to fasten her bra , could someone please point me in the right direction for bras that are easy to fasten from the front or have any other ideas.

Many thanks


Put it round your waist first and fasten it in front of you so you can see what you are doing then turn it round so fastening at back and put your arms in last.
I tried wearing my old sports bras with no fastening at all but I can get really stuck trying to yank them down at the back.

Google “front opening bras” - there are lots out there, pretty ones as well as more utilitarian, huge range.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your help.

I have recently needed some new bras, Abra is no longer optional for support or modesty!

However, when buying my new bras , I have found that the latest styles are offering deeper band depths and wider straps.
But, it’s always difficult to fasten a 3 hook bra band from the rear. I can do 2 hooks, but not 3.

I have to fasten the bra from the front, then swivel it around. What can you manage?

Hi ladies appreciate what you are saying, I can recommend a lovely lady whose details are

very helpful and has a wide range of bras inlcuding specialist lingerie

Hope this helps

If your mum is still having difficulty fastening her bra, there are some adaptive clothing companies that make bras specifically for people with limited mobility. These bras might be a good option for your mum.

There are a few bras on the market that are designed to be easy to fasten from front. You might want to try a front-closure or sports bra with a wide band that can be pulled over the head

Hi AlejandraDuncan I have posted before Ava & Belle have a wide range, if you send her a message she will always come back to enquries, very helpful lady. She has wide range of styles and can send videos of the bras including the strap, back and hook fastenings, hope this helps

Ava & Belle

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You could also try a nursing bra with a front panel that can be lifted for easy access. I recommend reading about calvin klein sports bra and underwear set. That might come in handy! If you’re not sure what style would work best for your mum, you could always take her to a lingerie store and have a professional fitting.