Breaking Sinimet


Someone else on the forum have mentioned how Sinimet break so easy, don't know whether it's ok to still take them in two halves instead of being whole, they are so brittle. Anyone know?


im on the 50/12.5 and have accidently broke about half my tablets, still took them and worked the same.

I know a friend of mine breaks them up and she is ok with it BB XX
Sinemet 125mg are gradually changing to round ones so you can not break in half and use as a 62.5 mg as when there broke is never acurate


Thanks everyone for your replies, it just made me wonder. It's like fitting pieces of jigsaws together cos I take three a day! Will they be changing the 62.5mg to round ones Gus, because that's what I take?

Thanks again - Sheila

Not sure sorry
If they change shape you might find you can cut them in half with a pill cutter. Xx
The new 125mg have no line in them making very hard to cut the exact amount.


Just read a copy of the report from when I saw my neuro end of last month, in which she suggests the Sinimet should be increased and to put me on 125mg after 2 months when I see my PD nurse, so there will be no more jigsaws to put together!


When I started taking Sinemet I was on half a tablet & the dosage was increased gradually and I am now on 4 tablets a day along with a CR Sinemet at night & a booster in the morning.

can i ask what you take as your booster in morning

I take  "Xadago" (50mg) in the morning. 

One thing you can do with some pills if they're soluble is to dissolve them in a measuring cup full of water and then drink half.