Breathing and leg pain

I have had three incidents of feeling breathless and my legs felt like lead 1st one
I had been shopping with a friend I had all my PD medication that was due and had a light lunch.I was so ill when I got home my son dialled 999 for an ambulance .I wàs almost recovered when it came and they couldn’t find any cause for it.
2nd time happened on the way to the departure gate as I was walking to, the plane for my holiday to Austria, I didn’t make it and ended up in hospital.I was getting over a chest infection at the tìme.The 3rd time I was walking to the local post office
Has anyone had this happen,the pain in my legs was horrendous,I want to get to bottom
of this,was it due to tiredness,the infection or the PD medication l take?

Hi Shakycatwoman,

We’re really sorry to hear about your recent incidents, especially missing out on your holiday so close to leaving. You’re best contacting your Parkinson’s nurse about the issues you’ve experienced, or alternatively our helpline are on hand and are able to advise about medical issues. All the contact info can be found on this page.

Best Wishes,
Tom A, Moderation Team.