Hi,I was dx with PD a week ago,as time is going on I have noticed different things,has anyone ever notice that their breathing is different? I had an episode at the weekend when I was playing with my black Labrador puppy who launched himself onto my lap and was resting against my chest and I noticed that it was harder to breath and I developed a wheeze,Is this part of the PD or something else?:question:

Hi Denise

I too find it harder to breathe at times although I don't wheeze. I had breathlessness a few years before diagnosis and thought I was anaemic due to very heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding. The nurse told me it was a sign of Parkinson's.

Best wishes.

My husband has trouble with his breathing ,but only when under stress walking stairs, steps . He can only walk a short distance around the house ..

He recovers fairly quickly though . When it happens I usually advize him to do some nose mouth breathing exercises . His mouth drops open often which can cause a sort of hyperventilation . At least that is what it sounds like to me ..

Being a daily swimmer he would even go during his lunchtime while working , his stamina/breathing has until Parkinsons reared it's ugly head been excellent ..

When I looked it up un the internet it said it can happen .

Hi Fish and Johnnie,

Thankyou for your comments,they have put my mind at rest.

Kind Regards

Denise :wink: