Can anybody help ,im getting very hot and very sweaty ,i cant get my breath. Iv had PD for 3 balance is getting worse as is my the moment the shortness of breath is the main problem as this is leaving me with very little energy.any advice please.
sorry ive put this in meet and greet !
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Hi Rhona.
I'm sorry you're suffering in this way. It's distressing for you, and when hotter weather comes, it may be more uncomfortable for you.
I'm not a dr and it would be wrong for me to try to dx you. I should have yourself checked over as soon as possible. There are any number of chest related things which it could be . You may have infection , you may have a build up of fluid in the lungs, you may be a bit overweight. There are many causes.
Have you been seen recently by your P.D. Neurologist , or Parkinsons nurse re your meds. Sounds like they need to be looked at as well.
I'm sure things can improve , but see your Dr soon.
All the best.
thank you lorna,im seeing pd nurse on 15th june,will discuss the problem then.just had look through forum,get impression that stevelo medication exacerbates this side effect.
Hi Rhona. My husband says he is breathless because everything is such an effort
Rhona he also gets hot and sweats particulary at night , because he sweats he also has skin problems
I had a constant resting heart beat of 95-100 caused by Salegaline and constantly fatigued. I don't know if your on that at all.
Just came back to this thread Since Parkinsons was diagnosed my husband has also been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and is now on Beta Blockers and warfarin . He had been complaing to me about a feeling like a flutter in his tummy for quite a long time and I put it down to a bit of anziety .

It wasnt until I asked the GP to check his pulse that it was picked up .

He also gets very breathless and wheezy .

which he says is because everything is such a struggle

He never took as much as a pain killer before all this kicked off about 5 years ago , although obviously looking back we can all probably see that there had been a problem for much longer

I was diagnosed in 2013& my breathing has got quite shallow over the last 6 months. i’.,m doiong yoga, pilates to try & work the diaphragm but the best respite is to come home & flp on he couch with my legs over the side so my back is flat & not under pressure . Or I lie on my yoga mat with knees bent t0wards my chest. Friends are quite used to me lying on the floor, knees bent, rolling from side to side…