Just lately my husband has been having what can only be described as involuntary deep breaths . I wonder if anyone else has suffered with these and could  it be anything to do with PD. He also suffers from thyroid and wondered if it could be low levels etc.



Hi Visionvalue

I'm 62 and I've had PD for just over 3 years but have never suffered any problems with my breathing at all so I'm sorry I can't comment on the problem your husband has. If it bothers you that much I would mention it to your GPand see what he says


Good luck in finding a solution


Sheffy x

If you mean deep sihs, this can be a sign of asthma

Hello Visionvalue

My OH has recently started giving deep sighs.  He`s 82 and never had asthma but he can no longer walk, is incontinent, has failing memory.    I`ve put it down to finding Parkinson`s such a drag because it is most noticeable when he`s having to get up in the morning and if he`s particularly tired.

I hope that your OH can explain the sighs to you, if not perhaps your P`s nurse can help.

Good luck with it all


I have problems catching my breath. It's really scary. At first my gp said it was panic attacks but it seems to be linked to tight diapragm muscles. Sometimes me physio does some work under the ribcage which helps. I'm supposed to get some special respiratory physio, but i haven't booked that yet.