Brexit and drug shortages

Have been reassured that PD UK are talking to the Dept of Health and Social Security and plans/measures are in place to avoid drug shortages. Any comments?

Pre Brexit I am having trouble getting my Sinemet from Boots. My months supply came in a few days at a time and I had to keep going back.

Going back to picking my prescription up from the pharmacy joined to my Docs. As Boots is in the High St I had thought it easier to get them from there but its turned out rather frustrating.

I think I’m right in saying they have problems getting 125mg Sinemet, so had a telephone conversation

Sorry so had telephone conversation with my gp and got them to write prescription for 62.5mg but double ,so I take two 62.5mg sinemet making this 125mg and found no problems at all getting hold of the 62.5mg sinemet. All the best