Brief feeling of depression

Does anyone here get strange, very brief, feelings of depression?

i get a few minutes - not very often - of a heavy blak fugue. It's gone in less than five minutes. If I'm left alone it just feels like my head is being compressed. However, if my wife fusses over me I burst into tears. When it's over I'm fine again.

keep smiling,


Hi Banjo

i get that feeling but it lasts longer. Know it s lack of dopamine and the other brain chemicals we re lacking. Like you I need a hug and hope there s someone around to have one! Since dx I want to be near my family even more but, of course, this isn t always possible. Our youngest daughter is going travelling very soon for 6 months and am struggling to cope. I know it s selfish but will miss her so much. Oh dear time for more tears!

hope your moments of depression don t get longer

As you say, keep smiling !

bw.   Samdog



I can identify with that description, Banjo.  It's quite weird.  Like Samdog's, mine usually lasts for longer - a few hours perhaps - but it goes away as quickly as it came.  It only happens about once every couple of months and there is no particular reason for it.  I even know it will go away while it's still there.

Your advice to 'keep smiling' is probably sound.  So is 'keep moving' (endorphins and all that).

Jet another thing Samdog and Lily, I only get this depression just after a meal . Pretty wierd eh what?

don't ya just love it?


I agree, that's very strange, Banjo.  Or maybe not ...


Wow! Thanks for that Lily. I have never heard of that before. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

be happy,


Hey Banjo

Newly diagnosed but i get the same thing but not after eating that is strange mines just random and lasts for a couple of hours to 24 hours, then goes off. 

Best of luck 

That sounds rough Silentwolf. At least mine is very short and easy to deal with.


Hi banjo 

I have had PD for 1year now and have the exact same problem as you I get this wave of depression and cry no warning it can happen at anytime , not often but it's all over in about 2 minutes  your not alone on this one 

take care 


I don't get depressed. I get bloody angry and frustrated. mad

Try and no get to wound. Up man it's just gona make you worse even though l know wxatly how you feel sometimes we all get. Annoyed  chill dude 

take care 


Banjo yes much more demonstrative of my feelings.  Sorry I missed your earlier post until today Sam (you old) Dog (as in the saying not age or gender related). I, too have developed a penchant for hugs.  It somehow makes everything feel Right for a while and helps you recall you can be pi$$@d o!! you have PD (never the D word) but hey, a smile and a hug and you're back on track.

Hi everyone

Before PD i had depression and anxiety problems.I found Dr.Abraham low and his Recovery inc.very helpful.

It teaches how to strengthen your nervous system so you can ward off nervous symptoms..The garden variety of symptoms (strange sensations or beliefs)are very common.

One of my former ones,iId be driving somewhere and all of a sudden everything would seem to stop.Ive had other strange ones also but have forgotten most of them.

Now that I have PD I have little depression except when i wake up.I know to avoid becoming  concerned about the feelings and usually they go away especially after my morning dose of C/L.

feeling and sensations an be distressing but not dangerous.

Feelings arn't facts

A good remedies to have a lot of fun things planned for the next day s you have something to look forward to.The more socially active I am the less Im likely to be depressed.

Yes PD is tough but what are we going to do




i think every one gets depressed some days some weeks with pd but if it carrys on for to long it is very important to see your gp. i am on amitripyline which helps my nerve pain but also helps me stay positive !