Brittle teeth

I broke a lump off one of my teeth eating soup and bread last night! I have a vague memory of something about brittle teeth and parkies but can't find anything now. Does anyone know, is it directly parkies or is it drug effects? I am taking 6mg slow release Requip.

Hi Mosie,

I recently did the same eating a piece of soft cheese. I'm only recently on Azilect and low dose Sinemet so it's either PD or just coincidence perhaps? In my case anyway :rolling_eyes:


My husband has had terrible problems with his teeth and I'm sure it's due to his meds.

He has had DBS so they can't drill his teeth and has to go to our local dental hospital rather then a dental practise.

He was there last week getting another extraction.

He was like a bear with a sore head before they yanked it out.:imp:

He is on ropinirole 3mg 3x a day madopar 25/100 2 3x a day and 1 stalevo at bed time.

He has other problems brought on by the meds but I guess that should be a another post.:rolling_eyes:

Thanks for sharing experiences. At least I'm not in pain with it, I'll phone my dentist on Monday, he is very good.

Hi, my recently filled broken tooth has now broken again:fearful:


There is already a thread running on this topic:

i too suffer with brittle teeth, cant eat anything without a tooth breaking or cracking and i hate dentists !! think its the meds, im taking sinemet and stalevo, read something about its the excess saliva that the meds produce, saliva is full of sugar, hence the teeth problems grrr, we cant win either way *sighs* such is life !!

Hi. This topic keeps coming up & as a retired dentist I have an interest.
There is a definite link with stalevo & brittle teeth, but there must be other factors. Getting older is a problem! & other drugs do come up with anecdotal evidence which there is no direct proof.
HOWEVER.......... I am late 60s, obviously looked after my teeth & during the last couple years my teeth have been falling apart in spite of my efforts. Very humiliating I assure you! I am on sinemet, madopar, mirapexin. Stalevo didn't agree with me. So folks if I am struggling what can we do. Keep up your oral hygene, use a fluoride toothpaste & see your dentist regularly. It the best advice & perhaps watch what you eat & lay off the sticky toffees.

Hi Have you're neurologists not given you the test for brittle bones? Ours did and found calcium lacking and now my h gets calcium tabs on prescrip love sunray

let us unite the twin threads of bad teeth as i to have been thoroughly smitten (to the tune of $3000 gnash gnash ow). My dentist, who seemed very up on this, quite impressive, pointed out that the meds cause extreme dryness due to their effects on the saliva glands. Saliva has many uses but one is balancing the ph against acid. Without the spit the acid gobbles up the enamel exposing the dentine(?)and nerves. It also eats into the gaps between fillings and tooth and generally causes havoc. Once enamel is gone it can't come back so a plastering job is required.
to stop the loss of enamel i have been given (or rather sold) tooth mousse (mint or vanilla?) which one covers the gnashers with at night to protect from acid.
am [u]EXTREMELY ANNO[/u]YED that no neuro pointed this side effect out.



Just been back to dentist today as a piece of enamel came away from the tooth that was recently filled and as i had paid for treatment thought they should look and make sure all ok and not left tooth exposed. Also asked for another tooth that she recently filled to be filed down a bit as it was rough & jagged (very annoying on tongue). Her explanation to loss of enamel was my fault for brushing teeth too hard - try not to be too exertive in future!and her filling was intact although i can now feel a ridge/slight gap with my finger nail!
A quick 10 second file down of other tooth - 'There is evidence of tooth grinding, do you wear a gum shield?' - yes i do - 'make sure you wear it every night' (have done for years!) Oww, you have an ulcer, be careful of that! - ok, i actually have two! - Sign here.............

That's £17 please - What for? - treatment - what treatment? sorry but i've already paid £204, just came in to get previous treatment resolved as i've had to do two times before already!! (see previous posts).Sorry but i'm not paying.

Dentist says she looked at tooth but have lost enamel due to overbrushing and she's given treatment to file down other filling/tooth because you have been grinding your teeth..says you have to pay so does practice manager.....

EXcuse me, but i haven't the dexterity in my hand anymore to overbrush my teeth and i wear a gum shield EVERY night to protect my teeth!! I'm not paying

Ok, can't make you what next? ...........shrugs shoulders... nothing

Ok, thanks then... bye

Hi everyone,

My husband was on siminet and madopar dispersal for many years when he started having problems with his teeth, he was also later put on an apo pump for about 15years and then to add to the pot he is also on ropinirole. He got fed up with all the fillings and breaks that he had all his teeth out and false ones but this also has problems as he is always losing them and it takes soo long to get new plates made. His specialist put him on calcium with vitamin D as he also falls a lot so maybe there needs to be more research into this problem.
Best wishes and I hope you al have a good day tomorrow.

Yes Drobb I've been told I brush too hard and eat too much fruit.


I see that this problem was last discussed a while ago but I have just been told by my dentist that I need major work including an extraction. My questions are - 

Is there anything I can do to help me keep still during treatment?

I have now stopped driving. Has anyone used a care service in Glasgow to go with them to an appointment ?I'm happy to get a taxi but I am very nervous about walking, especially after sitting for a while I tried the Red Cross earlier this year but they let me down with no explanation.

Hope everyone else's teeth are fine!


Hi anyone reading out there.

It was a coincidence that you wrote about dental problems Lannew as I had just arrived home after a visit to my dentist having had a new bridge a few weeks ago, with a follow up app the next week which was just as traumatic and now root treatment  and a filling as some of the original tooth had broken off.  

The trauma of such work being done is bad enough but the cost of this treatment is horrendous (whether you go on the NHS or privately). (£1,500. approx).

The dentist said that it was going to be impossible to keep up with my decaying mouth as all my medication   was rotting my teeth faster than he could keep them healthy.

I'll keep trying to keep my teeth healthy and I'm not going to worry about something that hasn'tt happened yet.

Keep on smiling!



big grin

 Good morrow dear friends, Heather,Mosie, ray of sunshine,   Casie  welshbearuk, Christopher Sunray Turnip and Drobb,  well thats the wellcome messages completed, I hope you are all well, I went to the dentists last week and expected trouble, having a possible extraction and two fillings plus a scaling job, using a industrial de.scaling machine salvaged from the local ship yard, its previous use was removing barnacles from bottoms,, ships bottoms,to say its uncomfortable is a vast understatement, then theres the pain induced terror induced fear induced Dyskinesia , and agonising Dystonia, all attack old FED with a savagery so savage it ranks number 2 on my pain and discomfort scale,one below a very  very  x20 stay in NTGH for a week with a pain so bad (water infection) I would have wllcomed death, but we wont go there, suffice to say I dont like dental check ups they are a necessary evil the cause of my problems with my teeth is simply this I find it almost impossible to manipulate my electric tooth brush due to PD disabling the TOOTHBRUSHMANIPULATION,, functions in my brain,also I have to wear a gumshield as I have been grinding my teeth away for some time now and the guard protects them, thankyou Mr T for your input as usual straight to the point and accurate, I suffer with dry mouth and did not realise the damage caused by it

.                         Well I am off down the Cafe int  villidge where a pint of Pepsi awaits and four pancakes in   a puddle of MAPLE SYRUP awaits.

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good day Fed

my you are looking glam nowadays!

I just would  like to warn our fellow sufferers against the dangers of 


I was sucking vigorously on Herr Werther's Original  caramel-flavoured candy when a lower dexter pre-molar exploded.



dear Mosie, you have been advised by an idiot.