Brittle teeth

Has anyone else experienced crumbling and/or brittle teeth?
This has been an increasing problem for me over the last couple of years, and my medics tell me it's a known side effect of Sinemet.
They just tell me to go to the dentist.
I first saw this effect in the 1970's as dental practitioner to a PwP who had been on levodopa since the discovery of it as a partial remedy for PD. There seems little to be done about it except perhaps increase the calcium intake, check that all vitamins are up to level, maybe try fish oil, palmitoyl ascorbate and broccoli powder to lessen the dependence on Sinemet, ask for an alternative drug therapy .....
Please tell us how you get on.
Hi, I too suffered from teeth which were disintegrating one by one and I have also taken sinemet for 7 years. I don't know if, like me, you are on Chewexpert's Programme, but when I went for usual dental visit last month the dentist said gums were looking significantly healthier and there was no work to be done. I'm assuming that healthy gums protect healthy teeth (fingers crossed). a retired dentist & a PD sufferer I keep a look out for dental problems. Chewexpert's advice has much to recomend it so gve it a try. I am not sure about a sinemet link to crumbling teeth, I will look into this further. BUT there is a definite link with crumbling teeth & stalevo. Could this mean you?
I am on Stalevo and have also seen several teeth gradually crumble away over the last couple of years. My GP and PD nurse both agreed that the Sinemet content is the root ( :laughing: ) cause, but told me I would just have to put up with it. My dentist didn't have a clue.
My dentist says its due to the meds causing my mouth to be so dry but she does say my gums are better - I'm on Sinemet and bits of ChewExperts programme - yoghurt, vitB, CoQ10 tablets and fish oil.
upto about 3 years ago my teeth were fine, not perfect but ok,now i was diagnosed with PD 17 years ago when i was 32 im now 49. been taking sinemet since day1 and recently started stalevo i say recently being 5 years ago, time flies. Today my teeth are a total mess, my teeth being so brittle just crack or splinter on a regular basis. so now to add to my PD nightmare i have to pluck up the courage to have my teeth sorted, probably total removal, by dentist or hospital. ive hated dentists since having a real bad outing as a 9 year old with the school dentist who was nothing but a 70s barbarian. So i take its a combo of the sinemet and stalevo ??.....ohh deepjoy plus dentures !!
take care & be safe all
welshbearuk aka Hugh
What is ChewExperts programme?
Sorry don't know DLH.

O/h has the tooth problem. One fell out two days before our recent wedding too late to do anything about it. No laughing matter I know but I couldn't help myself and said, "Whatever you do, don't smile with your right side to the photographer."

Naturally every photo we actually really like shows o/h positively laughing and a dirty great gap where his incisor used to be.
Stalevo is just a combination of Sinemet and Entacapone.

So if you had no tooth problems when you were on Sinemet alone, but problems have developed since switching from Sinemet to Stalevo, the cause must be the Entacapone.


A parallel thread has been started, with the same title:
Hi. this topic rears it's ugly head every so often & I must add a personal touch. As an ex dentist I tended to poo poo the link with brittle teeth & PD drugs.
I have PD nearly 10yrs & had 2 teeth out the other day & 2 or 3 more to come out all due to XS fractures which are impossible to fill or crown. Woe is me!! I have now come to the conclusion that there must be a link. My other problem is mirapexin compulsion in that I can't leave the sweeties alone & at least 2 bust teeth were due to toffees. Silly old fool, you would think I had more sense! So be warned.
I am just recovering from a bout of tooth removal.

It started with two crowns falling out in quick succession. After several attempts to put them back, the last appearing to have been put in with Silicon, the sort of stuff you'd seal your kitchen worktop with, I was told further attemps would be futile aa the root had cracked.

One by one my real teeth fell with several of them splitting vertically - all of them with nerves very much alive.

To top it all I had crossover nerves. I was getting a tooth pulled on the lower left, which was all numbed up and experienced blinding pain in its opposite number on the lower right. All very bizarre.

There is also a thread linking chocolate addiction to PD meds. I would look it up but I'm tired and its Sunday and I'm a sabatarian
(I did attempt to search for it. I did a search on "chocolate addiction" Results came back saying it had 2 hits, only offered 1 and it was the wrong one. I have spoken to IT about this before so I wouldn't bother telling them again.

It'sh alsho affecting my speech I'm proloning my eshes awful much. Shtill I'm Shcottish. Itsh more shexy to shound like Sean Connery.
it'll take more than bad teeth to make me sexy i fear.
have $3000 of repairs - all enamel suddenly gone. dentist puts it down to dry mouth though also sugar craving. swopped sugar for fat so now will get a heart attack, at least thats covered by medicare so things looking up.
due to have another back tooth took out this wednesday,dentist says it all me meds making me teeth decay and need removing:fearful:
I have been told by my dentist and it appears to be confirmed by what I've read in the dental health.

My dentist suggesting I have a procedure called "All-on-four"

This all seemed tickity-boo until I Was told the cost, for the upper set would be £15K+.

It has the advantage of being a fixed set of pearly whites with nothing covering the roof of your mouth, no rubbing/ulcers, sores, gagging / choking, and, as they are titanium studs, bone growth is promoted around the implants, as opposed to the bone decaying around natural teeth roots.

But £15k for half a set. I cant afford anythzng like this, Apparently it's 50 - 70% Cheaoer and "... includes the round trip airfare, hotel stay for over a week, and a short tour visit around the country."

I had a whip round among my friends and family and did a sponsored "Man vs Triple Chocoloate Chocolate Cake". I have managed to raise 20 pesetas 10 Deutsch Marks and some second hand Bazooka Joe (at least it tasted like Bazooka Joe). However I'm down £50 for cake costs and Rennies,

If anyone wants to sponsor me in my sponsored slippering (Might as well use my bot for something as it does hee-haw for most of the week. Besides its numb from all the falling I've done on it) feel free.
Hi All,

Interesting that you have teeth problems as my husband has had to have all his teeth out because he got fed up with so many breaking. We both feel it is to do with the medication as several friends have the same problem. He now has dentures but being my husband he keeps losing them in the nursing home, he recently broke a top set biting on a raw carrot so I have had two sets made cost about four hundred pounds, he has already lost his temper and thrown them at the wall so has chipped them in less than a week so if you go down this route please look after your teeth!!
best wishes vivian

Sounding like Sean Connery dont sound so bad even if i m welsh and sound like Mr Connery huh lol could be worse tho i could sound like jonathan ross  hehehe........oh heaven forbid *winks*  

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Hi there. Have been absent from the  forum for a while- busy busy busy! And bone idle! Alas my poor old teeth are crumbling away & as a retired dentist I am ashamed & am going to get sorted in N Year. Upper anteriors will need crowning. It is not the fear of dentistry that bothers me , it's never been a problem for me even as a child, but the cost. I am saddened the way dentistry in UK is progressing to a private service. I worked  on the NHS for 36 years & was faithfull, but never rich. I was satisfied that I was provding a service to my area in which I lived. Alas I am old school & times have changed. How ever I am looking to "mates rates" & hoping things will pan out. Good Health