Broken wrist

3 weeks ago I fell off a ladder and broke my right wrist, now in plaster for 6 weeks. My right side is affected by Parkinson’s. This has given me an early insight into more advanced Parkinson’s and what it will be like to have failing use of both hands~ defo not very nicel,
My symptoms seem to be worse since the injury and Parky seems to be having a whale :whale: of a time. Just find everything so tiring at the moment. Just wondered what others have experienced when sustaining an injury.
I guessed fatigue would be an issue but all my symptoms are worse at the moment, has anyone else had a similar problem .

I broke my kneecap in February and had six weeks in plaster and then supposedly six weeks in a brace. In April, within a few hours of getting the brace, the knee cap shattered and is now inoperable. So I will need a knee brace for life, but am still in a temporary one which does not fit well. New one due by beginning of November!
In all of that, Parky sticks his oar in with fatigue, stiffness, the variability of how much effort I can manage. Freezing and a serious shake really mess up my walking. I haven’t shaken so much before, or frozen so often.
Difficult for anyone helping me to understand.

Hi, 3 days ago I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, operation went well, home the same day, however, I am now experiencing leg and arm tremors quite badly, I believe it is from the trauma of the surgery? I am hoping they will calm down soon, my medication does not seem to be working either? I will contact my PD Nurse next week, who should be able to advise me how to
cope with these symptoms in my condition. Not sure if my experience has helped you with your issues or not? If you have access to the PD Nurses, maybe they could be your first point of contact? Good luck little nanny

Hello Hemyock
My husband with Parkinsons has had to undergo numerous orthopeadic surgeries over the last 5 years, each time his Parkinson’s symptoms seem to flair hugely. I think an important piece of advice his Parkinson’s nurse once imparted was that when ever the body is fighting something else, cold, flu infection etc or it is needing to heal somewhere the brain will be using more dopermine to send to these areas requiring additional help hence less dopermine is available for the everyday living hence the stiffness, fatigue, tremour and other Parkinson’s symptoms are not so well controlled, because the dopermine isn’t there to hold them as bay. Hope that makes sense and hoping your wrist heals and settles. It is also often the case that Parkinson’s sufferers take longer to heal. Best Wishes Jane

Sorry to hear about your kneecap, and I fully sympathise about Parky doing his worst when we are down. Ironically I feel encouraged when I know others have had similar problems, I guess it makes me think it might just be a phase that will improve, anyway all the best for the future

Thanks Jane that all makes sense and I’m encouraged that it may just be a bad phase that I’m going through, I hope your husband is doing well at the moment