I was diagnosed with PD six years ago. A few years before that I was told that
I had bronchiectasis which they put down to having excess mucus in the lungs.
I now think the mucus was caused by PD not bronchiectasis since I have never had any breathing problems. I have now started having speech therapy and find the mucus a problem. Does anyone relate this.

Hi trixyz23,

I too was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, but it was after i had pneumonia,i have had Parkinson’s for nearly 10ywaers and find mucus a big problem,Itsover 2 years since i had pneumonia

I have been dx with PD for ten years and two years ago dx with Bronchiectasis. I have no idea if it is related to PD but I do cough up mucus from my lungs every morning. So far it has not been too bad but an upper respiratory infection makes symptoms much worse.

Hi Anne and Iris
Do either of you take meds for your bronchiectasis? Also do you have any breathing problems?
I don’t think PD and bronchiectasis are related but both produce excess mucus. I am not sure
that I have bronchiectasis as it could only be PD that is causing the mucus.


Hi trixyz23,
No i don’t take anything for bronchiectasis, but i do have breathing problems,cheers anned

Hi Trixy This is interesting. My husband has been diagnosed for 14/15 years and has had excess mucous for years. It can be very distressing at night because it’s almost like drowning. It’s very thick and sticky. He uses Avamys which I think might thin it. He also has breathing difficulties when walking uphill.

My lung condition was diagnosed with a CT scan. I have low oxygen saturation levels for the first hour or two upon waking. I do not take any medication unless I get a flare-up which will occur with just about any upper respiratory infection. Excess mucus is common with PD. Drinking lots of fluid usually helps.