Bronchostop be careful

I have been left with a terrible rasping cough since having the lergy for the last 10 days. I try to sleep , eat, talk and drink all of which has become very difficult. The doctor says that I have now not got an infection, but my whole body hurts due to all this coughing. The point is I am desparate for some relief and heard of BRONCHOSTOP, that can be taken for any type of cough. It turns out to be a herb containing Thyme that has not been tested for side effects or contraindications with other meds. Including Parkinson drugs, no one knows if they can harm us. There has been no testing and I for one am so pleased I did  not buy them, so for now im still stuck with this rasping cough....always check the ingredients of any meds to see if they are safe. Where is health and safety, when you need em?



Have you tried honey & lemon with ginger?


I use a remedy that works every time for me. From coughs sore throats and general pain relief.

Take standard chalky type paracetamol and chew it to bits and then hold it at the back of the throat for 30 secs before washing down.

It gets the drug quicker into your bloodstream and provides local inflammation relief

It doesn't taste great but really if the pain or irritation is that bad, it's worth it. 

Thanku Supa and Kendo for your advice, I will certainly give both a try. I do use honey and lemon and regular steam with olbas oil, and as it could be irritated by acid reflux I am now trying Omeprazole from the doc......anything is worth a try isnt it? Yes i will also add ginger to the lemon and honey as that is a good anti inflammatory. Hope you both avoid the lergy this winter...and thanks again

best wishes Dolly 


Hi Dolly, I remember a few years ago I had an awful cough on holiday, and the landlord of our digs told me to get Cab Drivers cough mixture, bought some but he didn't tell me you had to sip it, so I downed a teaspoon full as you do,and omg it about blew my head off, but it stopped my cough it was either that or the fact that I daren't cough again, I have'nt seen it on sale since!  Hope you get your cough sorted, try rubbing some good old vick on your chest or goose grease if you can stand the smell

I wish you well - Sheffy x



Hi Sheffy....thanks for letting me know about the cab drivers linctus. Yes it is still sold but the huge list of contraindications with other meds including for Parkinsons can be dngerous apparently. No wonder it blew your head off!!!!!! It has an ingrediant that works on the brain to reduce coughing, which sounds brilliant but I don't think i had better chance it ha ha!!!!

yes I will get Mr D to give me a good rubbing down that will take my mind off the cough!!!!! What dya reckon?

how are you keeping matey?

love Dolly x


You might be right there Dolly, it would certainly take my mind off the cough!!

Not keeping too bad thank you, got my second session with the therapist tomorrow for this weeping faze i'm going through, I feel so silly, even when I'm telling someone some good news I have tears in my eyes. Not very nice when the winds blowing cold! PD nurse blames the Ropinirole I'm on, Neuro thinks I'm depressed and wants me to have other meds with the Ropinirole. Me, I could'nt give a damn at the moment! Hey ho, keep on smiling in between the tears and in your case the coughing it will soon be Christmas (hope your coughs gone by then)

Love Sheffy x


Do you take the Ropinerole at night Sheffy? i have been on them since dx 10mgs called Requip XL slow release. They made me feel as though i was away with the fairies to begin with and so i take them at night and i guess sleep through any side effects. Also take Madopar 4 times a day which are good and i have not had any side effects but they do not stay in the system long and after 3 and a half hours i know that i am due the next dose. Do you find that the crying just happens out of the blue without any warning? maybe it is hormonal have you had your oestrogen levels checked?

oh dear i am sounding like my doctor ....sorry matey.

I hope you soon get to the bottom of it meanwhile stock up on plenty of kleenex ay?

Well the cough is gradually improving thanks Sheffy, and i haven't had to resort to goose fat yet!!

Mr D woke up looking like Gorbackhev.......with a red mark on his forehead, told everyone i had done it with my high heeled boots! (in his dreams)!!! turns out he had been laying asleep on his medi bracelet haha!!  he got plenty of sympathy mind you so he enjoyed that!!!

Keep smiling and if all else fails get another opinion....thinking of you

love Dolly x




Hi Dolly

My first month was prescribed Requip XL from neuro at hospital, then when I went to doctors for follow up meds they put me on Ralnea XL (genetic Ropinirole cos they were cheaper) and was told to take them in morning, now on 16mg a day.They suit me, haven't had any side effects. Yes the crying does happen out of the blue,can't help it either, feel such a fool, never thought about having oestrogen levels checked, might look into that. Think I'll have a look into Madopor if it goes well with Ropinirole also, will speak to PD nurse. Thanks.

You do make me laugh how you explain some things, like the way you said about hubby looking like that russian bloke you have a good sense of humour !

Take care Dolly - Sheffy x