Brooke's Oxford Excercise Research


Anyone taking part in this?

I have volunteered/ been selected so it would be nice to know if anyone else is taking part .


Hi mike700,
Just in case anyone wanted to find out more about the study, there is a bit of information on this website here:

(Scroll down to the second study entitled, Exercise programmes for Parkinson's)

Hope it helps.

Attended an assessment session last Friday at Brookes Uni in Oxford, and have been wearing a GENEActiv wrist-worn, accelerometer since, which goes back tomorrow.

Don't know yet if they will be accepting me on the study, but they are short of volunteers ( 29 thus far and need 100 ) , so it might be worth fellow sufferers contacting them.

The assessment is o.k. for most people, not too exacting and the guys/galls are very nice.

Hi Mike700
Thanks for the link. - I have followed it up and went to Oxford Brookes on Tuesday, for the assessment. Now wearing the wrist monitor.
Which group have you been allocated to? I'm still waiting to be told.Would be interested to hear how you get on.
Hi Jeanr,

Further appointment at 11 tomorrow, and will let you know how I get on.


Hi Jeanr

Been for a 45 min cycling/fitness test this morning and all looks o.k. ?

I should hear this week which research I'll be allocated to.

Hopefully it will be excercise and not handwriting.

Keep in touch.


Hi Mike
Have sent back the monitor, and waiting to hear which group the computer has chosen.
Will let you know of progress.

How did you find the cycling?

Off to the Paralympics tomorrow.
Hi Jean,

The cycling was OK but got a bit tough towards the end.

Enjoy the Paralympics, it's great.


Hi Mike
Have you been allocated to a group yet?
I'm hoping to hear this week.
Hi Jean,

Nothing yet - starting to drag a bit now eh?
Hi Jean,

Been accepted for the exercise program and going to Brooke's on Monday.

Well, I've been to my first exercise session, this time at Oxford Brooke's uni., but for the next six months, at twice a week, it will be at a local gym.

It lasted over an hour and I felt really good after the session, so looking forward to the coming months, and hopefully an increase in fitness and a decrease in weight???.