Brooke's Oxford University

Went for my final assessment at Brooke's Oxford University today.

I must admit that I shall miss the team, especially Marloes and Andy, and I hope that my participation in their research helps a little in the fight against PD.
I was on the gym program twice weekly, or 'weakly' in my case, and there is no doubt that it helped me greatly, and I would recommend physical exercise to any PD sufferer who is able to do so.
It helped me physically of course, but also sharpened my mind, as well as introduced me to a bunch of new people -so, well worth the struggle.

It will be interesting to see if the research comes up with anything interesting. Had my final assessment a few weeks ago. Not much has changed during the year, apart from reduced leg strength - possibly due to foot surgery and an additional broken toe. Now it's just a question of keeping up the exercise and hand dexterity Easier said than done! Glad I read your original post and followed it up - thanks.