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Hi all,

I am new to the forum so I really sorry if this has been asked before or I have posted in the wrong place.

My Dad was diagnosed 8/9 years ago with early on set Parkinsons. Recently he has deteriorated quite quickly but one of my biggest concerns is how withdrawn he has become and how little confidence he has. This is very unlike him. Has anyone experienced this? What changes or suggestions were you able to implement that helped? I have got details of his local P UK support group but he doesn't feel ready (I suspect confident) enough to go.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any buddy systems in the Somerset area? Or even if there is anyone local to my parents who perhaps has a dog and goes for gentle walks, or would even just like someone to go walking with?! He has a dog who he enjoys walking but after a couple of falls recently he has lost confidence in this too. To compound this he has recently been diagnosed with a heart condition for which he has had heart surgery. This means he walks very slowly and often has to stop to catch his breath or wait for feelings of dizziness or faintness to pass.

I am keen to find him a support group outside of my mum as I feel she needs different support to him in her current and future role as a carer.

I would be really grateful for any advice for confidence building and encouraging him to be less withdrawn. Equally if there is anyone in the Somerset area (Sherborne, Wincanton, Yeovil) who has any ideas or would like to start a buddy system please do feel free to get in touch with me.

Many thanks

Hi, I can see how difficult this is for you all.

The Royal Voluntary Service will help....they have social clubs, volunteers who will visit and go out with your Dad, a whole range of supportive activities.

Age UK will help too.

Look the number up on the Internet and see what they can offer.



Hi fl2502

A stay in hospital often proves a setback, not least because they do not always adhere to the drug regfime the patient with PD is on which PD being what it is, would make inroads into your  Dad's confidence..  So there may be some recovery in time.  Apathy can be a symptom of PD.

Carers are by law entitled to suport.  It may not be financial but they could help your mum to talk over what she would find most helpful as a carer.  I googled the following:.  Assuming it is similar to my county, Compass Carers will be funded by the local authority.

Well I was going to copy and paste  but this site has defeated me not for the first time

Short Version: 

In Somerset Compass Carers give good quality local  information, emotional support and practical advice to help you in your caring role     01823 255911 M to F 10am to 3.30pm     www.compasscarers.org.uk


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Hi fl2502,

I am sorry to read your Dad has become withdrawn and that he is losing confidence lately.

Although your Dad isn't ready for his local support group yet, have you considered giving his local Parkinson's UK information and support worker a ring?

Our information and support workers offer one-to-one information and emotional support to people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, which would perhaps be a great help for your Mum too.

You can find more information here: http://bit.ly/1OQFpYz

Alternatively, you can contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 if you have any questions, need advice or just would like a chat.

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Hi fl2502

I come from Wincanton  been dx with PD 18 months LBD 2 months and had 2 hart attacks 12 years ago , don't do the support groups but do go to the community centre at Wincanton  The Balsam centre / Growing space which has helped me no end with confidence and meeting people , well worth a look,

what are your dads interests ? Maybe we could arrange a meet?   I'm a scruffy git and don't do tidy very often lol .

i have a dog and shuffle with a walking stick so we have something in common lol

 take care    Cc

Many thanks for you all of your suggestions. I have been in touch with the Royal Voluntary Service and the local support nurse as well as the local support group branch.

Cheshire Cat - he is interested in sport, reading, he has done lots of fundraising over the years, he loves walking but the heart condition and PD have really hampered this in the last year/year and a half. Do you live in Wincanton?

Hope you all have a great day.


Yes I've lived there 25 years n still don't really know anyone lol

At the balsam centre they have a men's shed if he's interested in carpentry or the growing space for gardening ,

everyones freindly and sociable n you only do what your capable of with no pressure it's helped me no end he should give it a try  , maybe if you came and had a look n see if it might suit Monday's the day I go so if you want I can chat to you there .

  Live well.  Cc

Hi Cheshire cat

Thanks for information. Would I be able to contact you on an email address to discuss further?


many thanks

If you go to my profile you can send me a personal message ,I would be happy to help if I can, if you turn your messenger facility on in your profile I can contact you.

your not allowed to post personal info on the open forum but if you pm me your e mail I will send you mine.

  Live well.  Cc