Well i thought it was a good budget for those people that are really ill ! also good news about paper assessments being mention . any views on this topic


I spose it was Gus if your in one of the protected area's PIP,DLA, or ESA support group,Safe for now, not so sure it's good news if your in the other ESA group work related activity group (wrag) as new claims or reassessed claims after april 2017 are set too loose 30% in money. I'm sure there are people with Parkinson's now and in the future who are in 'wrag'.

We have too remember our or a doctors or Puk's definition of 'really ill' isn't the same as the Governments definition and who knows what real changes and criteria are about too happen.

Also with this announcement of the living wage, Wonderful, but it is obvious prices of everyday items will go up too maintain profits and pay for wages.