I didn’t go out during the lockdown. Today I went for a short drive and managed to bump into the central reservation at the entrance to a car park. It is such a relief that no one else was involved and it looks like there is minimal damage to my car - but I have wondered if I should give up driving. I don’t go far but I would miss driving. It seems like this little bump could be a warning to hang up my keys - or, on the other hand, perhaps I should get back behind wheel as I don’t normally go round bumping into things

Hi @Justthisguy, :wave:

I’m so sorry to hear this, I hope you are ok?

Giving up driving is a difficult decision, but it does not mean you will lose your ability to get out and about as you would normally do. There are lots of ways to get around including buses, taxis, trains or community transport.

I would also encourage you to speak to your GP if you are thinking about giving up driving as there are particular Parkinson’s related medication that could affect your driving ability. If you need to speak to someone in more detail about this, you are more than welcome to contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

Please take care in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Reah
I am OK thanks - a bit shaken up but, otherwise, OK. I have had a chat with my PD Nurse and decided that I won’t give up my license just yet - though I wondered if I’d ever dare to go to the same location again. I went there twice today with no problems.
During the lockdown I didn’t drive anywhere and hardly ever went out - when I did go out it was by taxi (or lift). I found taxis quite handy.

Hello J
Glad to hear you are okay. For what it’s worth when I first went out for a drive I found the whole thing unnerving and wondered, like you, if I should consider stopping. I persevered and am pleased to say the whole driving experience is a lot better now.

It’s probably just the ‘use it or lose it’ thing. I don’t drive much now I’m retired and I definitely needed to boost my confidence now we are all out and about more. I’m much better now I am driving more.

I imagine a lot of people, not just Pd folk had this problem.

Just wondering, did you report your PD to the DVLA and were cleared to drive. My husband did but it took well over 3 months to get a response and by then his licence had run out and he wasn’t happy about his response times and vision so he gave up driving.

Yes I reported to DVLA but to speed things up I used ‘Signed For’ at the Post Office - and, yes, I was cleared to drive

That is good, I think what may have taken the time with my husbands application was the slow response from his doctor. We got a reminder about the doctors form a couple of months after I delivered it to them,

Hi Justthisguy,

I’m just going to share why I gave up my driving licence a few years ago. It was a very difficult decision though I do not regret doing so.

Firstly, within a minute of getting into the car, I would have so much anxiety it set my PD off and my body would instantly be a mess.

More importantly, I would have temporary and very quick blackout moments. This scared me the most as anything could happen in that moment. I realised I was a danger not only to myself but to other drivers and pedestrians. Sleepiness and blackout are not the same thing and they cannot be controlled in the moment as you do not know it’s about to happen.

By the way, do not forget there is cctv everywhere these days. If you are going to bump something….take care of the camera first. :wink: