Bumping into things Especially door frames


Good Evening. Is it just me? or is everybody else bumping into doorframes; I have a total of 5 bruises and its rising by the day. I don’t know whether or not this is because of my coordination not being up to scratch or just being a dizzy blonde lol! Believe it or not tomorrow I am starting my first boxing session with my personal coach and hope to get myself in good shape ready for the summer! I am nervous yet excited and cant wait to see the results. I will be recording my progress and posting it to my new Instagram account dedicated to my journey with young onset parkinson’s…


It must be because you’re blond😉 fortunately I haven’t bumped into any doors yet but never say never!

Good luck with the boxing, can’t wait to hear all about it xx


ha ha I thought so too…only me with a right arm full of bruising… I cant even call it a tattoo sleeve lol


You might have even more bruises tomorrow after boxing :facepunch::facepunch: hope it’s non-contact…


Congratulations on your approach to PD It is so refreshing to read of your positive outlook. Good luck with the boxing.

I am looking into trying Nordic Walking. Has anyone else experience of this discipline, and did it help?


Knine I am also about to look into Nordic Walking. I would have to go quite slow to start off with but it’s definitely something I’m interested in trying out.

Chantelle good luck tomorrow with the boxing :boxing_glove:


Joanie and Knine

I’ve found somewhere near me that does beginners Nordic walking so am going to try that next week and will let you know how it goes. I’m looking at boxing too so if nothing else I’ll be fit and hopefully thin :rofl:


I really want to know what medication you are on Jayne you are doing
Boxing, nordic walking, pd warrior, stretching exercises, going to the gym with a personal trainer And have a full time job…

Energy drinks ? Lucozade Plus ?

I think you ought to do a blog, I am feeling so lazy you are inspiring if not a little mad as a frog xx


Good luck with the boxing, may improve your spacial awareness, if you struggle to walk through a doorway and collide with the frame, watch you dont knock out a spectator .
Have you tried specsavers? :slight_smile:


Hi TeeHee

Haha, not doing quite as much as it sounds! PD warrior once a week, walking once a week, PT twice a week hopefully incorporating gym based boxing. I’m also on sick leave until the end of the month so have plenty of time on my hands. I do hope to keep it going when I get back to work though as if nothing else it’ll be good for my mental health, oh and I’ll be able to eat more :cake: :wink: xx


Hi Chantell75,

Bumping into door frames? Yep with you all the way, including bruises.

As you approach the door try blinking 2 or 3 times. I’ve no idea where this came from other than somewhere on the internet! Works better some days than others, possibly complete bunkum but doesn’t cost anything to try…



Hi Jayne, that would be great if you give us an update when you’ve been to do the walking. It looks right up my street though I’d have to go quite slowly. We certainly have to keep moving and as active as we possibly can.

Have a fab weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi joanie

I’ve booked onto beginners Nordic walking next Wednesday, they even provide poles. I think the first lesson is more learning technique to get gait right… I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s a healthy walking scheme through Wakefield council, might be something similar near You.

Have a fab weekend too x


Hello again Jayne (almost called you Janey as I do with my best friend Jane) :slightly_smiling_face:

They have regular Nordic walking at Dunham Massey National Trust Park which is only a 15 - 20 minute drive down the road from me which is quite handy. I’m really excited about this year. You see, this time last year I was hardly moving and was still coming to terms with my diagnosis. My PD Nurse (who I might add is absolutely wonderful), advised me to walk through the pain. I was barely making it across the road from home without having to stop in sheer agony. I took her advice and though I still cannot walk too far, even if it’s just around the block, I try to get my exercise in daily and it has worked wonders.

Toodle pip!


My mum used to call me Jayney when I was younger…

My PD nurses Are great too and have stressed that I must exercise. I’m just trying a few different things at the minute to find out what I like as at least then I’ll stick with it.

That’s brilliant that you’ve made some progress and walking further than last year, I really believe it helps to keep moving if you can. It might be worth ringing the instructor or Nordic walking UK as they might be able to give you some advice or offer more support in your area.