Has anyone had any experience of bunding
My OH has it. Caused by levadopa meds used for a long time.
In his case 15 yrs
He will spend hours (up to 10) continually doing the same thing.
Mostly this is with Maccano, bought to give him some thing to do.

He will never finish it because he keeps undoing it and redoing it.
He gets agitated if you try to help him.

This also extends to TV controls.pressing buttons willynilly.
Its a wonder the TV has not blown up.

I had not heard of this before and wonder if anyone else has any experience.

Hi Annesel

Without sounding clever cus im not ! it is Punding and yes have had first hand experience with o/h in his case it can be anything that he feels he can still still, for example DIY he will keep filling holes in the plaster that prob do not even need filling and continuously rub it down fill it again leave it for weeks and then start all other again .
Sometimes worry what i am coming home from work to, the latest disaster was he continuously wanted to fix a dripping toilet cistern god knows why but came home the other day to our tiled !!! bathroom floor with a bloody big hole in it .
Try to laugh about this but most times cry instead, we have had every help available but he still lives in his own little world.

Our Neurologist has said that it is long term use of Levadopa he explained it as starting a task but not being able to cognitively complete.

Sorry not much help but do understand how it must be for you .

Kind Regards x
Hi Bubble

Quite right Bubble it is punding. Can't think where the B came from.
On second thoughts perhaps I can as it is a B when its going on.
You have described it better than I did.
I think it may be more distressing for the carer than the sufferer.
My OH seems quite happy. Trouble is I can not get him to stop whatever he is doing if we need to go out.
One good thing is, I no longer drive, as he repeatedly presses any buttons on the dashboard.A bit like going out with a five year old.

Thanks Bubble, I'm just glad that OH is not into DIY.(YET).

An update on Punding. unfortunately I posted it as bunding, Sorry.

OHs behavior is now much improved with the withdrawal of entacapone.

He is still a bit of a nightmare with any electrical equipment.

His music center is now dead. He pressed all the buttons and it had a nervous

breakdown. He now tries to mend it, that's okay as he only does it for an hour or

so.Not seven hours plus, but as he has lost a lot of screws there is not much hope

of a resurrection. It sure makes a change from maccano.

At least I do not get a hole in the bathroom floor like Bubble

I love pundling - just trying to keep mind body and spirit together really - wether i switch a switch or clean the house or have a great day it's pundling the world over . We all do it every day
Ill of pun - ding . Idoit tevry day - we go odd day tit's pundling the worl dovether i witchawitch or lean the louse or have really
That was an example of pundling their you see . Did'nt need to do it but it amused me ffor about 10 minutes and made me forget about life for a while - so job done in my book .