I read an article about Buphenyl and its promising effect on AD model of mice. So I searched for buphenyl in parkinson's disease and found following article:


I wonder which kind of mouse model they used for this research. If it's a mouse model based on misfolded a-synuclein than it sounds promising.Else, it doesn't look that promising. I also wonder whether a clinical trial has already been started.
They used MPTP to promote the inflammation and then showed Phenyl Butyrate doused the fire.

Oh OK, so the performed research has 0 value for PD. I am really getting annoyed by this. With MANF they are doing the exact same thing. All the great and amazing results are done on MPTP induced PD. None of the experiments, at least as far as I know, are done on a-synuclein model of PD. Looks to me that the FDA has to be harsh here and add the a-synuclein mouse model as a must in the preclinical phase.