Burning Feet

Does anyone else feel like their feet are in fire in bed?

Is this being shown?

Hi Mrs_P,

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having with your feet.
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Hi Mrs P,
I know what it feels like if no replies are received. It just happens sometimes, for no apparent reason.
As I understand it, I’m afraid a burning sensation in the legs is one of the the most common problems with PD.
Luckily I don’t get this symptom at night, but do get it for sustained periods during the day. My solution is to take my socks off and put my feet on something cool… This eases the burning sensation quite a lot.
The problem is that solution would be more difficult in to achieve in bed.
Hope you ca find a way of easing it.

Yes. At night in particular ~ buring, sharp pain wherever my feet, legs and sometimes hands touch bedding. I had an ulcer a while ago, caused by nightime tremors and shakes, on my ankle bone. Now that too burns like hell at night. I also have degenerative Spinal Stenosis, so am unsure whether its that or the PD causes the burning pain, but yes, I get it ~ to answer your question. Normal high strenght Opiods (Oxycontin and Morphine) seem to offer but little relief. Am trying some CBD, and I think this may offer better help. Early days yet, though, so cannot say for sure.

Hi there I have the opposite my feet feel like blocks of ice when I’m in bed