Burning feet

I care for my uncle who was diagnosed with Parkinson's over 12 years ago,his condition has deteriorated over the last 2 years ,he has been in hospital 3 times in the last year due to urinary track infection and falls.He is very resilient and never complains however he is struggling during the night,he manages  to fall asleep but wakes up with a burning sensation in his feet which is excruciatingly painful.The doctor prescribed medicated plasters but they keep coming off due to his feet constantly rubbing the mattress .I think its the tremor/rubbing that's causing the heat/pain because of the friction,I've tried a pillow under his feet to raise them but they still rub.He can't manoeuvre himself in bed so changing position isn't an option.I was wonder if anyone has come across a similar problem with the friction or if anyone can suggest a how I can make him more comfortable.I am concerned that he will develop ulcers

Does he have a hospital bed , Since my husband has had one , it was supplied through the district nurse had to wait a few months . It was well worth it though , once he is settled in bed I raise the knee part a little . It has helped relax the leg and stops him slipping down the bed . Has he  tried using sa bed grab rail they are also very useful in helping to get in and out of bed and turning .

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He has grab rails but he doesn't have the strength to use them anymore.District nurse doesn't think he qualifies for a hospital bed  ,I have contacted his Parkinson's nurse to see if she can help,not sure if it will solve the friction problem but at least he wouldn't be helpless and could change position...sadly it all comes down to cost.Hate to think of him in pain,was wondering if maybe I should try sheepskin.Thanks for taking time to reply feeling a bit frustrated by the lack of help the GP is

i have read about this problem on a number of PD forums.  Here are two responses I copied from others, hope they are helpful.
I found that this is a sign my meds needed increasing, only more sinemet seems to help. Amitryptiline at night low dose also helped me.
Sounds like neuropathy, which often has a burning sensation.Check out with your doctors, and get tested for blood sugar levels, and dietary deficiencies such as B12 etc., your doctor should be able to help but it is good to find the cause of this, as it may not be a PD symptom, and there are several PD symptoms that are common to other conditions.
As to a hospital bed, has your uncle been assessed by social services, thats how my friend got his, the OT did an at home assessment.  I think you can self refer, check out the ocal council web site.  And get the local PUK worker involved to advocate for him.  Good luck.


A friend with MS had lambs wool heel protectors and later these were supplemented by stiff plastic protectors worn with the lambs wool.  Definitely stopped the abrasion and no ulcers.

Hope this helps.


I find E45 cream, plastered on feet gives some relief from burning feet. Any other remedies?