Burning Legs

Hiya, just wondering if any of you experience a burning sensation when you stand on back of upper legs? I am currently suffering with sciatica, so could be related to that? It is a weird feelung, I keep thinking I am standing in front of a radiator with the back of my thighs on it, but I am not.

I have had sciatica since 2009 down the left leg, with no treatment working, just best to keep active, sitting is the worst thing. Most people I’ve known with sciatica have severe episodes often needing hospital admittance for a few days, then they get 12 months of no pain. Mine’s different, it’s pain all the time except when sleeping, but less pain than the folks with episodes. My pain has insidiously got worse over the years, with new areas of pain appearing on occasion, which leads me to your point.

I noticed the PD symptoms around May 2017, and 2 months before that symptoms of a cervical spine disease appeared. So I have 2 diseases that are trying to ruin my life. Now since developing these 2 diseases new pain has appeared up the back of my legs in the centre away from the sciatic nerve, behind the left knee and behind the top of the thighs, in both cases I think the pain is in the tendons that connect the hamstrings to the bone. The behind the knee pain is far worse than the upper one, and are worse when sitting than standing, and like you it’s a burning pain. This pain is sometimes worse than the sciatic pain, and that’s saying something.
I suspect these new pains are connected to my 2 new diseases, more likely the PD, as they came on as the 2 diseases developed, but it’s hard to be certain. The main leg symptom for me with PD is that my left leg becomes increasingly hard to straighten as the day progresses, and this could be linked to the new pain.

Oh blimey! Poor you! I had physio today and now feel worse!!! Cannot hardly move. Was told muscle wastage in legs (had Parkies for 12 years) and back is compensating! Not taking any painkillers now as Naroxpen made no difference and although Codeine helped, it made me violently sick and constipated! So shall have no choice but to carry on with physio and see what happens next!

Morning Little Mix
I used to have a remedial massage every two weeks then I tried Bowen Therapy. I had two treatments then had a remedial massage to compare results. The last massage treatment left me feeling like I had been slammed into a brick wall my body certainly decided . Might be worth giving Bowen a try.
All the best for Christmas to you and all on the forum