Burning pain

One of my almost daily new symptoms is burning pain in neck and across left shoulder. Anyone else get it?


Much the same, Lloyd. Before I started taking meds by 4pm or so i'd not be able to stand the burning sensation between my shoulder blades. That has rarely recurred since dx and drugs.


Hi Lloyd, I've been diagnosed for about a month now but have had many symptoms of PD for about 4 years. I too suffer with burning pain most noticeably in my legs. The meds don't seem to address this problem at all. I'm seeing a PD nurse on Monday and hope to discuss a change in meds to include a DA supplement. I'm currently taking Sinemat+ 3 times a day (1.25). It doesn't last for long though. I'm hoping the agonists will help with the symptoms a little more and lessen that burning in my legs. Hope you find something to ease your pain too. 



  Hello  Lloyd, Dystonia which is part of  the PD Lucky Dip can produce similar horrible pain, it almost dissapeared when I finished work, but occasionally returns to add its share of discomfort,  its not nice.

                                          Kind Regards  FED