Burning shoulder pain advice newly diagnosed

Was diagnosed Monday was going to start low dosage Madopar on weekend, yet pushed it forward.
Question is I went to sleep on Wednesday with right wrist feeling sore like a sprain but didn’t do anything to cause that sort of injury.
On Thursday morning I had left burning shoulder pain, was still going to go to work, yet the pain radiates across the top half of my back, breastbone hurts, as well as if I try to laugh or breath deeply. Was hunched over like woman of 70 barely able to take a step. Called work, then went to GP to get a couple of days off. GP suggested I take medication sooner then later. Took first dose on Wednesday after noon and that seemed to of help and I did feel less stiff and iso in less pain (as not even sure what I am supposed to feel) it lasted about 4 hours before symptoms came back. Wednesday night shoulder still a bit painful, on Thursday morning took meds about 6:30 am felt all good yet around 9am the pain in shoulder, down my side in between shoulder blades was excruciating where I couldn’t move for several minutes. Is this all to do with Parkinson’s? Is my dosage too low? Can’t ring neuro day off and don’t have neuro nurse ( in Australia) . I have had the shoulder pain before but nothing where it is like being stabbed with a hot poker.
Any insight would be great, as not one to run to doctors for ever little thing.

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Do you have easy access to a physio? This could have nothing to do with PD, or maybe the stiffness etc caused by PD has simply contributed to it & made it worse, but either way a physiotherapist should be able to help.

No not as yet, as that is something I learned from GP. It has calmed down at the moment thank goodness. Daughter and I are thinking water aerobics to keep me moving, will ask neuro next visit and about physio. As I am on checkouts so need to be able to keep working. Thankyou for your reply. Really appreciate it.

Definitely keep moving, whatever you enjoy. My OH is the one with PD but we both find moving, walking, exercise the most help in easing & preventing such symptoms. I can imagine being on the checkouts doesn’t help, maybe what triggered it. Hope it continues to ease, your daughter sounds lovely & helpful too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi also have a pain in my shoulder some days I struggle to lift my right arm above shoulder hight could this be linked to parkinsons