Buying a car and Parkinson's

Hi I/m buyiong a car .  Wondered what features become important as PD progresses (I am 4 ys diagnosed)

Automatic/Crusie control/Adjustable seating position (incl height options)

Anything else ?


Andy (Ojalahey)


For me it was definitely automatic as my PD is left sided and I found it difficult to change gear! I wouldn't be without it ☺

My car has a feature called Hill Assist  which i have found to be a god send if i am on a hill and i take my foot off the brake the car applies the brakes itself which gives you that extra  time when  taking your foot off brake  and onto the accelerator without fear of the car rolling back

all new automatics have that feature ,i would suggest a automatic & good lumber support !

Mines not a automatic its a manual , good lumbar support is a must have

yeh you got to look after the back !