Buying a Car

Hi All

I am looking for advice on what make/model of car I should buy.  I want to buy a small car (mainly for town running), a car that I can  sit high up with head room and be an automatic .  I have a Ford Fiesta (14 Plate) but I am finding I sit too low even with the seat adjusted.  I am not comfortable driving it any more.  I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.




Hi Powrie, we have a Puegeot 308 the BLUE HDI, having the parkinsons I find this easy to handle and the seating is good, it's a 2015 reg. I should think you would be able to get an automatic in this, but we have gone for the manual version. A friend of mine who also has parkinsons has a ford car, some kind of people carrier,  but I'm not sure what it is and that is an automatic and comfortable. If you would rather stick with ford I can find out what it is and get back to you, but otherwise good luck hunting for one! But Peugeot do have some nice cars, you can always go to their showroom and have a sit in them or any showroom for that matter to get the feel of what is suitable for you.


Hi Sheffy


Thanks for your info.  Will have a look at the Puegeot range  and see if there is anything to suit.  I think I know the Ford you mentioned but the name just slips my mind. I really don't mind the make of car just as long as it is comfortable for me.

Many thanks for your reply