Caffeine, Nicotine, & other stuff that might prevent/slow PD

For those interested in avoiding or slowing the progress of PD, published this week is a useful-looking roundup of things which might be neuroprotective, plus lots of references to research supporting each claim.

There’s also a handy table at the end summarising the things tested and the findings.

Frontiers | The Promise of Neuroprotective Agents in Parkinson’s Disease | Neurology (

e.g. “Creatine slowed the progression of PD by 50%”

And another analysis based on “35,963 patients in the United States with idiopathic PD” -

Coffee, Smoking and Aspirin Influence Parkinson’s Disease Onset | chineselgz

Good article, and i’m glad it mentioned the pesticides ect that are found in most conventional coffees, so drink organic. Thank you for sharing…

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