Can anyway advise me whether normal caffeinated or decaffeinated is recommended?
the following is my opinion
the studies that showed a preventative property for coffee were for caffeinated.
caffeine also stimulates which tends to counteract the deadening aspects of pd on the thinking process.
however, if caffeine causes stomach irritation and reflux you might want to limit it. it also interferes with sleep. so perhaps caffeine is best on the morning but not later on.
Thanks Turnip
I only drink coffee in the morning usually. I miss my strong black coffee in the morning that I used to have before being diagnosed. I changed to decaff just in case not really knowing. Do you know what the deal is with alcohol? Does it depend on what meds you're taking?
alcohol is complicated. i suspect quite a few people take it as a do-it-yourself medication. it has not been linked to pd (except for a possible beneficial association or if you are japanese and drink sake) but it does work on the dopamine system. many drug information sheets say not to drink. i wouldnt want to say to anyone to ignore the manufacturers advice but i and others have not noticed any problems with DAs, levadopa or Mao-b inhibitors. with the last of those (selegiline, azilect) you might want to avoid port, red wine and real ale at least in excess. It might contribute to sleepiness with DAs but i doubt it.
hate to be mister know it all but decaf. is more harmful than the coffee they don't take something out to make it decaf they put something in