Cags stupid legs

Morning all, it would probably be easier to refer you all to CAGS stupid legs
post on health and wellbeing as he hits the mark perfectly and I do not wish to
be accused of plagiarism but my legs are really stupid they behave as if possessed , tying to swap sides or go in opposite directions,I must appear to have been invaded by the soul of a departed Ministry of Silly Walks Officer as I
attempt to stagger up the street to my mothers , or down to the paper shop for my paper, " YES FOLKS THATS WHY THEY CALL THEM PAPER SHOPS" not because they are constructed solely of papier maschie, the spell check says that is miss spelt
but it can take a flying ????U^£@~" as you know what I do not care, I am too busy
trying to coral these unruly structures supporting my torso, I only want to venture down the garden , not climb K2 at least it keeps the local feral kids in check they are too busy falling about laughing to do any vandeling vandriving vanering, ?bu...r vandalizing, YEHHHHH!, I have silly hands too but you don't want to go there
hi Fed
isn't the duodopa working?
Hello turnip
Its effectiveness seems less than normal, but it has been very hot hear, not as hot as you've got but hot for us lot and even worse if youre a scot,
I was also told it would need a bit of adjustment once I got used to it, that will happen soon, despite the set back its 85 - 90 better than before so no worries turnip, nice to hear from you again.
Kindest Regards Fed