I wonder if anyone had read anything about calcium deficiency and Parkinson's? My husband gave up cow's milk many years ago for soya milk, and he doesnt like yoghurts etc.He read somewhere that being low in calcium could be one cause.

most references to calcium and pd have been the opposite - too much calcium might be part of the problem. but even then it might not be the consumption of too much calcium but the bodies ability to keep it in balance - homeostasis

Thanks.I will look that up

Calium deficiency is hard to achieve in the human body as there is a relatively huge store in your bones. Your body uses this store , coverting 'bound' calcium into it's ionised form which is the type that is chemically active in your body. Even then, there is a whole lot still bound to a protein called albumin.

As your body uses up calcium, you can get a reduction in the density of your bone.

But even this is too simplistic. Vit D, sunlight and cholesterol are all involved in this complicated bit of chemistry.

A suggest that it might be worthwhile, if you're worried about it, taking a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement every day. They are as cheap as chips off the internet.

I am not a doctor, so I'm probaby talking b$llsh*t!!

Hello everyone,

As you probably know my husband has had pd for almost thirty years, in the last few years his consultant put him on calcium with Vitamin D mainly because he has many falls and we didn't want broken bones, actually he hasn't had any which is amazing really. We did notice over the last fifteen years that he had to have many fillings in his teeth and in the end he had all of them out as he was fed up with so many dentists appointments, the down side is that he is always losing the false ones. I hope that may help in the topic.
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