Call me mr thicko

But I want to change my Avatar, can someone help, its more in fitting with my handle.

                                    Thankyou Kindly          Fed

Hi Mr Thicko (oh, sorry, you didn't actually *mean* that, did you . . .)

Slap me down in flames if this is wrong, but i think you:

log on go to My account (top line of any page) click on Account settings (left hand menu) scroll down to Your avatar then Browse to the image you want then Upload. It gets indigestion if your image is too big (in file size) but I can't remember what the limit is.

Hope that works, we certainly can't have a Fed with an ill fitting avatar.


Hello Sem.   I have tried exactly as you said and get the picture I want in the box but it will not appear in all the boxes ,I have tried and tried but my AVATAR wont flied,,,""I know but its the only thing I could think of" so what am I doing wrong all that happens is I hear a sound like this Grrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrr s£!!t then I realised it was me on auto pilot, I will go back and try again


Its worked Its worked Sem, thanks to all who were instrumental in procuring Feds,,,well Fedex really ,the two HORNETS that previously occupied the sqare have buzzed off, thank Sem did you bring influence to bear, or is that bare???????????????? nope its bear,anyway I like my new Avatar, but I am bitterly disappointed with our cricketers?

                                          Peace      Regards  Fedbig grin

Glad that's sorted fedexlike. Sometimes you need to hit the F5 button once you've uploaded a new avatar to refresh your page and view the new picture. Unfortunately, I think the cricket team problems might not be as easily fixed...

Hello LizW.  Thank you for that info , sometimes when I do things and dont get a result the answer is staring me in the face and I dont notice it but I am pleased with the result, I have many photos of Fedex Aircraft, I suppose I am a bit of a Anorak or Geek, however it keeps me out of trouble ! Ah, I shouldnt have said that.

                          Kindest Regards   Fedbig grin

I have the same problem with my avatar I cannot change the photo ,the avatar does not even appear in my account settings at all ,so it's me listening to  music on my 1960's  headphones forever...

Hi PD careparter NYC, 


Please email us at [email protected] if you are having any technical  issues, you can also read our thread about common issues here 

Hope this helps

Thank you , it appears that my avatar prompts do not appear on my account settings, this problem is also on your own tech site as being investigated, It is not a big matter for me.

Good wishes in the UK,

Mike of Broadway


It's not a big matter for us personally but collectively it is a problem for all of us that has been running for some time.

Dear sea angler.

I actually was a member of this forum ,perhaps 4 years ago, and somehow also had became zapped at that time ,  the prompts for the PD/UK internet​ are much better , in any event I was listening to wonderful music & re-mixing from vinyl to MP3 it in my avatar portrait, from last winter and continue to do so .

Hi everyone, 

Apologies, I'm aware that this has been an ongoing issue for some time. I've raised it again with the relevant team who have said they are working towards a solution for you all. 


I think most of us have given up on it now along with the phantom posts it's just another thing in a life with pd that doesn't work quite right LOL :-)

   Live well. Cc

Didn't Parkinsons UK spend an absolute fortune on a supposedly Superdooper Computer program a few years backquestion markquestion markconfused

Yep but I think it was one that fell of the back of a lorry .....................well it works like it's been dropped LOL :-))

live well.  Cc

So now it is me without headphones and with  a Boston Terrier friend.

Hi all,

I'm pleased to say that the issue we had with editing community profiles an avatars is now fixed! Apologies that this bug took a while to resolve, but you should now be able to edit your profiles and change avatar images. smile




Thanks Joanne that's good news!!


Thank you !


That's great thanks