Hello. I am going on holiday to Asia and  would love to take as many photographs as possible.Does anyone know of a good camera that can cope with the tremors, but is easy to use. I would prefer not to use my tablet. Thanks




I'm not sure i can recommend a specific camera, but i would say go to somewhere like jessops or somewhere with various ones on display so that you can hold  a camera that is comfy to the grip of your hand before you buy, you can get attachments elsewhere to extend the grip that attach via the shoe of the camera.

I only have a bridge camera, which sits between a simple compact camera & a bigger complex DSLR camera but is still compact with a good zoom and has plenty of features ,i can set it too take a burst of shots which i can then choose the best out of the shots. one with a flip around screen would be good for holiday selfies with various timer settings or a smile setting which takes a shot when you smile.

Thank you Sea angler.

I will have a look and see what is available I  think the burst of shots is a good idea, I have also found that some times the pictures are not level, making everything look like the leaning tower of Pisa.big grin


How about getting a small tripod?

Google 'gorilla grip tripod' - they're tiny, so they're easy to carry around, and quite cheap. You can get ones that will take a DSLR, if that's what you end up going for. Alternatively, a small bean bag will also do the trick.

Skye although I'm no expert I take plenty of photographs. Like sea angler I have a bridge camera and endorse his comments on handling different cameras before you take the plunge. it may also be a good idea once you have narrowed down the choice, to see how easy you find the various menus that appear on screen.many minor faults such as your sloping shots can be corrected easily on a computer when you download your images (there is no need to jump in and buy complicated software at the start)

Don't be put off by my rambling reply it's easier than you think.

Thank you drifflad and Tabby cat for your replies and apologies for the slow response.  I went to a camera shop and held a few cameras of different makes and varieties. I finally settled on a bridge camera as suggested (thank you). I was lucky enough to go to Asia for a month and took over 1000 shots, many now deleted but I am very pleased with  my purchase.  I didn't use a tripod this time as I wanted to see how the camera coped with the tremor.

Merry Christmas  when it comes. 

If you gave a smart phone that can take photographs and video, you can attach a gimbal that dampens movement.

Google "Smartphone gimbal"


Hey, do you want a used camera or a new one? Expensive or cheap? A lot of questions ) If you are looking for a budget option I can advise you Canon D200 in principle if you are just an amateur it is quite suitable for you ) of the more expensive Sony A6000 I use it myself and quite happy, buy a couple of lenses and you will be happy. Another tip for the future, think about buying a glidecam or any other type of stabilizer it will help you a lot. Read this article on this site and you’ll understand what I’m talking about it will greatly help you in choosing the right stabilizer. I think that you need to be ready for the travel at 100 ))