Does anyone go camping or caravaning ? Would be good to have a parkinsons group/club or get-together/rally wether it be tenting, caravaning or motorhome .
were going camping next weekend in sykehouse 1st time in a year
We will soon be taking the kids camping in Normandy, for a week. In a tent. I have already dug out my thermals...
It beats me why otherwise normal and sensible adults would want to spend a pile of their hard earned cash to travel hundreds of miles in order to squat for a week in a cloth bag or tin box with none of the space, comforts or facilities that they're used to.

They invariably sleep badly and wake up too early (with a much wider spread of aches and pains than usual), only to discover, grumpily, that it's lashing down, and that after only one night they're bored already!

(Don't worry, I did it myself many many times in decades gone by, but for the life of me I can't remember why...)

Got my first experience of camping a couple of weeks ago on the Isle of Arran.
I would not hesitate to do it again. Mind you, the weather was perfect. As Ray says, it would not be much fun in the pouring rain. The only downside to Arran was the biting midges and then only in the evening. I would advise anyone who has never been under canvas before to give it a go but do choose a camping and caravanning club site.
Good for you christo , yes i am in the camping & caravaning club
We are in the camping and caravan club and have just come back from a week in Dorset.
We have a campervan and love getting away in it. The fresh air makes me sleep like a log and when I get tired and need a nap the camper is there.
Campsites cost from £6 a night so it is a very cheap way to holiday.
We would love to meet others, how about choosing a Caravan and camping club holiday meet or district meet?
But do make sure you don't forget your medication on time. This is so easily done when there are distractions or mealtimes may be different. I set my mobile phone to sound alarm calls at the appointed times so no problems with my PD. Also make sure you are with someone who understands your condition. Happy camping!