Can a neurologist prescribe medical cannabis for Parkinson’s?

I was just wondering if I could be prescribed medical cannabis for Parkinson’s? I seem to have chronic pain and the literature seems to suggest medical cannabis as an effective remedy. Any thoughts? I have tried CBD oil but it’s a waste of money. No effect whatsoever. Thanks in advance.

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Cannabis-based products are not available on prescription for people living with Parkinson’s. And using cannabis to help with your Parkinson’s symptoms is not a valid defence in the eyes of the law.

However; as you’re probably aware, CBD oil is available to buy legally as a food supplement. But it can’t be advertised as beneficial for medicinal purposes as there is not enough evidence currently.

I hope this answers your query.

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I think very, very, very unlikely! Despite the gov’ legalising it for certain conditions, very few prescriptions for it have been issued.
Even people with extreme epilepsy are having trouble [source BBC article month or so ago I read]
Check out Ian Frizell channel on youtube [no connection]


While there is no general agreement on what the benefits might be for people with PD, the survey confirmed that cannabis is a popular subject within Parkinson’s Foundation centers as 95 percent of neurologists reported patients have asked them to prescribe it.

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