Can anybody within 90 miles of bham recommend their neuro


I am 5 dx and want to speak to a good Neuro about my PD .   I feel the yearly 15 minutes with mine isnt long enough.

Can anybody recommend one in Birmingham . Failing that can u recommend one anywhere within 90 miles of Brum.. ie: Notts, Leicester,Oxford,London,Bristol,manchester,sheffield ?

Ojala Andy



Dr Marko Bogdanovich , John Radcliffe Hospital , Oxford.


I dont know who you see at the minute but I can recommend Dr Pall at the QE in Brum.  He was my OH's Neuro for years even though we live in Stratford. We have just transferred to Dr Lucy Strens who is at the Walsgrave ( Coventry University hospital) because we couldn't continue going to Brum all the time she is amazing so I would definitely recommend her too. For your area I would say though stick with the QE if possible, reason I say this is the QE is the research hospital and they get everything first, new treatments will be available to you quicker through the QE than anywhere else.

The other thing is if you dont have one already is find your local PD nurse. They are sometimes of more help than the Neuro. The main reason we moved to Walsgrave is that my OH's PD Nurse works with the neuro that he sees so any issues in between appointments and I can call or e mail her and she can get in touch with his neuro. She also attends some of the appointments so its great, kinda like having two!

Hope this helps

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


Thanks for your responses Angel and Cath ...  I will look them up on the net.

And let u now how I get on !


Andy (Ojala)





Hi OjalaHey


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